A Long Walk to Water – Author’s Note Summary & Analysis

Linda Sue Park

A Long Walk to Water

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A Long Walk to Water – Author’s Note Summary & Analysis

The war taking place in the story is called the Second Sudanese Civil War. It was between the Arabic-speaking peoples in the northern part of the country against the African tribes in the south. It began in 1983 and many people were killed, tortured, and enslaved. It ended in 2002 when the United States passed the Sudan Peace Act accusing the north of killing over two million people. The South was granted a referendum as to whether or not to secede.

The current Sudanese war in Darfur is separate and not covered under the peace act, but it is also held between Arabic speakers, and those identifying themselves as African. Sudan is the largest country in Africa and the tenth largest in the world.

Salva’s organization is called “Water for Sudan,” and they have drilled dozens of wells for the Dinkas and the Nuers. The first well was for his own…

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