All the Light We Cannot See Part Ten: Chapters 148–165 Summary & Analysis

Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

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All the Light We Cannot See Part Ten: Chapters 148–165 Summary & Analysis

Part Ten: 12 August 1944

Chapter 148 Summary: Entombed

Werner listens to the French girl read again. He takes the earphones over to Volkheimer and puts them on his head. He confesses that he found their transceiver, but that the supposed terrorist cell was an old man and this girl. Volkheimer doesn’t respond. Werner continues to listen to the girl read.

Chapter 149 Summary: Fort National

Etienne begs someone to help him with his niece. Even if the Germans were sympathetic, the city behind them is in flames and nothing can be done. When the fort is hit, Etienne just hunkers down until it is all over.

Chapter 150 Summary: Captain Nemo’s Last Words

Marie-Laure considers just handing the jewel over to the German and hoping that he will spare her, but she resolves to finish reading the book before deciding what to do next.

Chapter 151 Summary: Visitor

Von Rumpel berates himself. He was so certain that the stone was here in Saint-Malo. Too late, he realizes that any one of the previous people he spoke with could have been hiding another gem. A German soldier approaches the house, and Von Rumpel tells him that he’s nearly finished and will leave soon. The German forces are falling back from the city, on the run.

Chapter 152 Summary: Final Sentence

The girl reads the end of the novel and the broadcast ends. Werner waits for his own end in the dark. Volkheimer, sitting nearby, is silent and unmoving.

Chapter 153 Summary: Music #1

Marie-Laure has survived in her uncle’s attic for five days. She resolves to play music on the gramophone, loudly, and waits for the German to come for her with her knife in her fist. She turns on the gramophone and broadcasts the music.

Chapter 154 Summary: Music #2

Volkheimer is still wearing the headphones when the music comes on. He rouses Werner, who hears the familiar strains of “Claire de Lune.” Inspired by the music, Volkheimer builds a barricade around Werner and throws a grenade at the stairwell.

Chapter 155 Summary: Music #3

Von Rumpel dreams of his daughter Veronika. As he wakes up, the music of his dream fades, and is…

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