Code Name Verity Part 1: Verity Ormaie 24.XI.43 JB-S – Note Summary & Analysis

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Code Name Verity

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Code Name Verity Part 1: Verity Ormaie 24.XI.43 JB-S – Note Summary & Analysis

Ormaie 24.XI.43 JB-S Summary

Julie writes this chapter on November 24, 1943. She performs as Eva Seiler when von Linden comes into her cell to question her, refusing to believe that she could be theinfamous British interrogator. When Julie successfully demonstrates her abilities, by getting von Linden to tell her his daughter’s name, he is forced to recognize that she is as good—or better—at interrogation as he is, and without having to resort to torture. He is thrilled that she is Eva Seiler; he can use her capture to improve his position within the SS.

Julie recounts the flight into France, with Maddie at the helm. They are hit by antiaircraft flak and the tail catches fire. Maddie puts the plane into a dive to put out the fire, but the tail is damaged. They successfully reach the rendezvous point.

Ormaie 25.XI.43 JB-S Summary

Julie writes this chapter on November 25, 1943. Pushed beyond her endurance by the sounds of Von Linden’s interrogation of a French girl, Julie screams at her to end the torture by lying to the Nazis. Von Linden brings Julie into the interrogation room to give her advice up close. Julie exhorts the French girl to save herself by lying. The French girl asks her if that is what Julie does.

Trapped, Julie has to think quickly. She turns on von Linden, calling him a hypocrite, for treating his prisoners this way when he has a daughter their age. She challenges him by asking him what he tells his daughter about his work, or whether he lies to her. Von Linden orders a phenol mouthwash for Julie. No one knows how to administer it, or if von Linden wants them to kill Julie with the phenol.

She is reprieved until the next day.

Julie and the French girl are taken to the guillotine. Believing they are both about to die, the two women exchange their real names. The French girl is executed. Julie is not. She knows that her survival is intended as a punishment; she is the reason that the French girl was executed. Von Linden wants Julie to confess that…

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