Escape from Camp 14 Chapters 14-16 Summary & Analysis

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Escape from Camp 14

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Escape from Camp 14 Chapters 14-16 Summary & Analysis

Part Two 

Chapter 14 Summary

Shin and Park planned to escape through the camp’s gate and then make their way to China, where Park’s uncle would give them shelter and supplies that would aid them as they traveled to South Korea. Shin was scared that Park would sell him out, but his excitement overcame his fear. Their plan was optimistic, even absurd given that only two people other than Shin are known to have escaped these camps and made it to the West. Shin was also plagued with thoughts of what happened to his mother and brother, fearing that he would face the same fate. Still, his mind was now made up.

Shin prepared for his escape by stealing clothes and shoes from a fellow prisoner. He had never done so before, but he had become increasingly intolerant of people who acted as snitches, including the prisoner in question. Escape also meant waiting for an occasion when he and Park were stationed near the fence. This occurred on New Year’s Day, when the factories stopped production for two days. Shin and Park consequently agreed to make their escape on 2nd January, and Shin reluctantly paid his father a visit the day before. Shin was not sure why he felt anger towards his father, who was a victim like himself, but the very fact that his father was alive and attempting reconciliation was enough to arouse an angry response, and Shin remained distant and resentful. His father had encouraged Shin to “‘see what the world is like’” (112), if given the chance. However, this was “lukewarm encouragement” (112); quite possibly because he did not fully trust his son.

There was no special goodbye between Shin and his father, and Shin was conscious that, following his escape, his father would be taken to the underground prison. 

Chapter 15 Summary

The following morning, Shin, Park, and around 25 other prisoners were herded up the mountain. Shin and Park had decided to wait until dusk to make their getaway, as their footprints would be more difficult to track in the snow after this time, so they spent the preceding…

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