Guide to Reading Group and Book Club Resources

A comprehensive guide for anyone who loves to read


Whether you’re interested in chatting about the latest bestsellers or you are looking for intellectually stimulating  discussions about timeless works of literature, starting or participating in a reading group or book club is a great way to interact with likeminded people. And that’s why we created this Guide to Reading Group and Book Club Resources. Inside, you’ll find 40 individual resources covering every aspect of reading groups and book clubs, including starting a club, locating an existing club or facilitating a literary discussion; choosing books to read; and finding companion materials to enhance your reading experience.

General Reading Group and Book Club Resources

While the ins and outs of launching and leading a reading group or book club may seem like common sense, some aspects of the process can prove more complicated than you might think. Browse this list of links to discover helpful steps and tips that will help you experience success.

10 Basic Steps for Starting a Book Club

For those who don’t have a clue about how to start a book club, this link has those answers and more. Find a range of information, such as how to decide on your club’s orientation to ideas for giving back to your community.

Book Club Advice

Starting a book club is something that may seem somewhat simple, but it requires more than meets the eye. Important and critical steps are outlined here that will help your new book club be successful.

Book Club Meetings

The information in this link mainly focuses on structuring a meeting for a book club. Find details about ground rules, time limit and format, holding a discussion and dos and don’ts of choosing books.

Book Club Checklist

This easy-to-use checklist from the Penguin Random House website will help you make sure you don’t forget any of the important details when planning to launch a book club.

How to Start a Reading Group

The well-organized information in this link will aid you in beginning an effective and entertaining reading group.

General Guidelines for Facilitating a Reading Group

This link has information about how to facilitate a reading group in general. Find information detailing general tasks, optional tasks, glitches that can arise and ideas for questions to stimulate the discussion.

Tips for Leading a Lively Book Discussion Group

Seven tips, as well as insights, from Kristen Jaques who has led a book discussion group multiple times. This link also includes a list of books Kristen’s book club truly enjoyed reading and discussing.

The Facilitator’s Handy List

One of the most helpful areas of this list contains samples of dialogue that a book club facilitator can use to keep book club or reading group discussions amenable and on-track.

Find a Reading Group or Book Club Resources

Perhaps you don’t want to undertake the task of starting your own reading group or book club. If so, look no further than the links below. They provide search features that will allow you to find an online or local group or club matching your reading interests.

Reader’s Circle

Utilize this site’s convenient search feature to find book clubs and reading groups of interest. Simply select your country, and type in your Zip code to get local results.

Goodreads Groups

Find an online reading group that interests you by title or description – there are literally thousands available – or create your own online reading group.


With thousands of members and hundreds of forums, anyone can find the perfect online book club or reading group with the help of this site. Read and discuss books from all genres after you join for free.


Hosted by Jeff Howe and The Atlantic, readers nominate books and vote on their favorites. The book discussions take place on Twitter at the hash tag in the link.


Find a local or an online book club that appeals to you via this site’s convenient search tool. If you can’t find a club that you like, the site welcomes you to start your own.

Book Suggestion Resources

Choosing an interesting, worthwhile book can be daunting with all of the choices available. Even if you know which subject you prefer, the number of titles available can prove overwhelming. Next, there’s the dilemma of whether or not the book will lend itself well to discussion for a book club or reading group. Relax. Now you can take the guesswork out of choosing the right books by utilizing this list of book suggestion resources.

NYPL Recommendations

This site provides various avenues for you to find your next good read. Look at staff picks or a list of recommendations from the New York Public Library’s blog. You can also utilize the searchable “What Do I Read Next?” database, which features over 70,000 recommended books, or check out a Twitter wall that discusses what library staff and patrons are currently reading.

Book Movement

For current, ranked lists of the most popular book club picks every Monday, join this site for free. Discover what book clubs are choosing to read and why.

Indie Next List

This link offers a curated and annotated list of recommended books for discussion groups, which was composed by independent booksellers.

Adult Fiction Book Lists

Browse lists such as “50 Books That Will Change Your Life” and “Best Police Procedurals” to find reviews, ratings and even previews that will allow to read the first few pages of books that interest you.

Oprah’s Book Club: The Complete List

A printable list of all books reviewed and recommended by Oprah’s original book club. Print out the list and check off the books as you read them.

Flashlight Worthy Books

For lists of books that will keep you up reading at night, check out this website. Find hundreds of helpful, engaging and entertaining lists that were composed thoughtfully.


This site utilizes the “latest news, curated lists and trends” to further their goal of being the ultimate book and recommendation resource. Bookstr proudly offers book recommendations from their members and sources such as The New York Times.

Reading Group Choices

Selecting terrific books for reading groups since 1994, Reading Group Choices is no stranger to the art of recommendation. Search their well-organized archive of recommended, discussible books by title, author, subject or genre.

Book Trailers

If you appreciate movie trailers, you’ll likely appreciate this resource for book trailers. Visually discover books you’ll want to add to your to-be-read (TBR) list.

Book Analysis/Discussion Resources

Browse the links below to find reading guides and lists of discussion questions or points of analysis for your next book club or reading group suggestion.

Random House Reader’s Circle

Discover tons of book suggestions and helpful reading guides for Random House book titles. Reviews of the newest titles area also available.

Simon and Schuster’s Books with Reading Group Guides

Find links to over 2,100 books with additional links to free reading guides to use with a reading group or book club.

Book Club Discussion Questions

Easily locate intriguing questions for the most popular book club picks to help make discussions flow smoothly.

Book Discussion Resources

Can’t find a reading guide for the book your group wants to read? Utilize these general discussion questions to get the discussion started.

Colorado Virtual Library Book Discussion Questions

Over 75 sets of discussion questions for various book titles are available here. Browse the book covers, click on the one that you want questions for and receive the PDF document with printable questions.

Lit Lover’s Reading Guides

A one-stop shopping destination for reading guides! Over 3,300 guides complete with author biographies, book reviews, plot summaries and discussion questions. Browse by title or author searches.

Book Notes Resources

Need help analyzing the themes or characters in a book? Or maybe you need chapter summaries to help you become quickly informed for an upcoming discussion. Whatever your need, you can meet it with one or more of the following book notes links.

Welcome to the first and most complete literature study guide search engine. Easily locate free literature study aids for thousands of works.

Deconstructing Excellence

A website based on summaries of non-fiction books. Choose from books in different categories such as business, wealth, psychology and productivity.

Novel Guide

Still in its growing stage, this site offers supplementary resources to aid in the study of contemporary and classic literature selections.

Lit Charts

Find plot summaries, analysis and major themes for over 300 novels at this site.

Book Review and Author Podcasts

Discover your next great reading choice by partaking of these informative – and often entertaining – podcasts.

Slate’s Audio Book Club

From an analysis of new releases to classic literature selections, the hosts deliver their commentary with flair. New episodes are posted monthly.

The New Yorker Fiction

Enjoy reading and conversation from this monthly podcast hosted by Deborah Treisman, New Yorker fiction editor.

The Guardian Books Podcast

For a more frequent listen, check out this weekly look at various books, poetry selections and exemplary writing. Hosted by Claire Armistead, Richard Lea and Sian Cain, this podcast also presents in-depth interviews with leading authors.

All the Books!

Are your reading interests focused on the most intriguing and thrilling new book releases? Take a listen to Liberty and Rebecca – two hosts who are your ticket to paradise on this weekly podcast of recommendations and discussions.

Get Booked

Discover a bi-weekly podcast where smart and articulate hosts, Amanda and Jenn offer personalized book recommendations to listeners.

World Book Club

This monthly podcast from the BBC focuses on discussions with well-known authors about their popular works. Book club enthusiasts can use this podcast as a resource for book suggestions.

The Book Review

In less than half an hour, you can learn about the top books of the week as well as the most interesting news from the literary world. Join hosts Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times book review to keep yourself updated.

Library of Congress Podcasts

Enjoy the National Book Festival Series of podcasts, which presents interviews with some of the award-winning authors from current and past years.