The Last Lecture Chapters 41-45 Summary & Analysis

Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture

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The Last Lecture Chapters 41-45 Summary & Analysis

Chapters 41 – 45

In this section, Randy offers specific examples of how his good collaborative skills have paid off, even if the gestures were small. He praises “the lost art of thank you notes”, and the importance of having gratitude for the people around you. He helped a woman become a Disney Imagineer because of her sincere and handwritten thank you note in her application package, and now, Dennis Cosgrove is returning the favor that Randy had done him years ago by taking over the Alice project after Randy dies. Whether it’s taking his crew to Disney World, or sending out thin mints to colleagues, Randy makes sure to provide examples of how even small gestures will set a person apart as special.

Chapters 41-45 Analysis

Randy’s life advice moves a little beyond his students in this section, and addresses relationship skills beyond the classroom, including examples from his own career….

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