The Last Lecture Essay Topics

Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture

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The Last Lecture Essay Topics

1. Randy had a few mentors in his life. What qualities did Randy see in them that helped him in his life?

2. What is a “head fake”? What other sports analogies does Pausch use to illustrate life strategies and how did they help him in his life?

3. How did Randy’s parents inspire him in his life? What qualities did he inherit from them?

4. Randy had several childhood dreams, but what was his ultimate life dream? Do you think he accomplished it?

5. Outline the ways that Randy used his role as a teacher to shape the lives of his students, not with academic knowledge, but with important life and relationship skills.

6. How is The Last Lecture a gift for Randy’s children?

7. One of the biggest messages in The Last Lecture has been about the importance of a positive attitude. Make note of how many personal stories Randy has shared where this truth has been proven in his…

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