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The Other Wes Moore Chapter 2 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 2

The narrative begins in 1984 and focuses on the other Wes Moore’s living situation in Murphy Homes. These projects “were among the most dangerous projects in all of Baltimore” (26). It was here where Wes’s older brother, Tony, spent most of his time, and it is in the Murphy Homes’ projects where Tony began selling drugs before he was ten years old. According to Wes, at the age of fourteen, Tony had “passed the point of no return” (27). He was trying to expand his territory into East Baltimore, but this stirred up trouble. However, Mary tried moving her family around several times to secure them in a neighborhood that was more promising.

Wes loved football and was a natural. While he was passing school, football soon became his only focus. At the time that they lived in Northwood, Wes had two close friends: Woody and “White Boy” (Paul). Moore describes the first instance of the other Wes’s trouble with the law at a neighborhood football game gone wrong. A fellow football player was being especially pushy with him and Wes wasn’t backing down. It turned into a scuffle that split Wes’s front lip. Wes ran home and grabbed a knife. The words of his big brother were running in his head: ““if someone disrespects you, you send a message so fierce that they won’t have the chance to do it again.” (33). This was “Murphy Homes’ Law” (33). Woody tried to detain Wes in his house as best as he could as he watched the police move into the neighborhood. However, Wes escaped and returned to the field to make the other player pay. The police called for him to drop his weapon, but Wes refused. The policeman then stepped forward, “lifted all eight pounds of Wes off the ground, slamming him face first on the trunk of the police cruiser” (34). He was detained for a while at the police station and called Tony to have him picked up. He was released under the care of Tony’s father and returned home before his mother even returned from…

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