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The Other Wes Moore Chapter 3 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 3

Wes (the author), along with his friend Justine, are now attending school in Riverdale County School, which was not a public school. It was a “predominantly white private school” with a proud history (49). Even though it was located in the Bronx, it was “its own little island of affluence” (47). Even though the Moores couldn’t really afford the school, Wes’s mother was scared. In regular public schools, “Things were falling apart, and the halls of the school were no exception or refuge from the chaos outside” (47). His “mother saw Riverdale as a haven, a place where horizons” (48). Wes’s mother worked several jobs in order to compensate for their growing costs.

Wes’s mother had every right to be frightened. To further illustrate the dangers of Wes’s Bronx neighborhood, he provides some startling details about “…in the early 1980s…crack ” (50-51). It was easily accessible and it taunted every walk of life. The deaths that came about because of it were of one “single demographic: young black men” (51).

Even though Riverdale seemed like a solution, it was still difficult for Wes. “Every time did but was still one of the best-performing kids in the class” (54). Wes’s mother threatened sending him to military school.

The story now focuses on the other Wes Moore and his family’s move to another new neighborhood in Baltimore: the borders of Baltimore City, called Dundee Village. Baltimore City had a new Mayor (Schmoke) who was…

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