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The Other Wes Moore

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The Other Wes Moore Chapter 4 Summary & Analysis


The opening preamble to this section was another visit from the author to the other Wes Moore in prison. On this visit, their conversations had changed from “what he thought the other wanted to hear. What the other needed to hear. But over time it was hard to keep up the act, and our conversations drift toward an almost therapeutic honesty” (66). Both men pondered what in their lives made them men. “There was no official ceremony that brought my childhood to an end. Instead, crises or other circumstances presented me with adult-sized responsibilities and obligations that I had to meet one way or another…for some of us, the promotion to adulthood, or at least its challenges, is so jarring, so sudden, that we enter into it unprepared and might be undone by it” (66).

Chapter 4

The other Wes Moore has boxes and boxes of new brand name shoes. The chapter opens with Tony challenging his younger brother with where he got his money from. Wes made up a story about DJ’ing neighborhood parties. However, Tony knew where that kind of money really came from. Wes vehemently denied Tony’s accusations and Tony punched him. However, this altercation between Wes and Tony inspired their mother to dig deeper into Wes’s situation. She searched through Wes’s room and found drugs hiding under his mattress. She flushed away every single ounce.

When Wes returned home he confronted his mother for flushing four hundred thousand dollars’ worth of drugs. His mother demanded that he stop selling drugs, but his biggest concern was figuring out how to come up with the money he just lost. The only way he could would be to go back to selling on the street, and he would have to find a new hiding place. His girlfriend agreed to be the new location/hiding place for his stash.

Moving back to the author’s childhood, we learn of his mother’s concerns with his performance at school. Wes admits in his narration that he didn’t attend school very much and that’s why he was struggling. He figured out he…

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