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The Other Wes Moore Chapter 6 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 6

Moore starts off this section providing statistics of graduation rates in Maryland, being as high as 85% in some years. However, in Baltimore City (where the other Wes Moore lived) “it was a dismal 38 percent” (108). Moore goes on to describe Woody’s graduation day, “who made it across the finish line kicking and screaming” (109).

“Wes returned to Dundee Village six months after being locked up for the incident in which he shot Ray” (110). His sentence was rather light because Ray suffered minor injuries and so Wes was only charged with “attempted murder” and was also charged as a minor, because the judge believed “‘he would not be a potential threat to the community’” (110). Even though Wes returned to school immediately, he knew he wouldn’t last long. Because he hadn’t finished high school and had a criminal record he found it very difficult to get a job to support his new baby. He lived with his Aunt Nicey and “ himself scarce” to avoid her strict conditions (110). While he was out of the house, he was running his drug operations, which had a specific system of hierarchy of players. “At their peak, his team brought in over four thousand dollars a day” (111). Statistically, “there was an obvious glut of addicts” at over 100,000 in Baltimore alone using drugs. “With a demand like that, and an ample supply, it was hard not to make money” (112). However Wes became aware that “the drug game was raw capitalism on overdrive with bullets, a pyramid scheme whose base was dead bodies and ruined lives” (112).

One afternoon, an unfamiliar and “clean-shaven’ man approached Wes to see if he knew where he could “buy some rocks”. Wes had all sorts of red flags going off in his mind that this man was probably a cop. Wes said, “No” and walked away. However, he watched the guy and the awareness that he didn’t make a sale wouldn’t leave his mind. He hid a small hit in a nearby phone booth, and re-approached the guy telling him where he might find…

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