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The Other Wes Moore Chapter 7 Summary & Analysis


Another visit between the Moores begins with the convicted Wes not admitting to “the armed robbery that had led to his final imprisonment” (125). Both men discuss the possibility that they are “products of environments”, but it is the other Wes Moore that adds that he may also be a product of “expectations” (126). The author is troubled by this statement because it seems that the other Wes Moore isn’t quite taking full responsibility for his place in life. He reminds the other Wes Moore that “it’s easy to lose control when you were never looking for it in the first place” (127).

Chapter 7

Wes (the author) is now in full-fledged military training and the chapter begins with the stress and fear that he feels as he is about to make his first airplane jump as a paratrooper.

During his high school career, Wes was being romanced by several colleges, “but eventually, all of these treats started to feel meaningless” (130). In order for him to really solidify his chances at a good postsecondary education, he realized he needed to rely on his academic performance to impress schools. His basketball skills were good, but not easy or natural. His passion for reading blossomed, and in his intellectual pursuits he was inspired by Colin Powell’s My American Journey. It made him “harmonize aspirations to serve her in uniform” (131). “Colin Powell…wanted what I wanted: A fair shot. A place to develop himself. A code that would instill discipline, restrain passion, and order his steps. A way to change the world without first unleashing the whirlwind” (132).

Wes then reflects on the important men that taught him valuable lessons during his time at Valley Forge. This sort of passion for life and duty made his decision clear: “ life” (134). Before jumping out of that plane, he was reminded to “trust your equipment, trust your training, and trust your God” (135)….

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