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The Other Wes Moore Chapter 8 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 8

The chapter begins with Mary Moore watching the news about a robbery led by four-masked men at a jewelry store. The masked men held customers and police at gun point then stole $438,000 worth of watches and jewels. They nearly got away without having anyone hurt, but a Sergeant ran after them shortly after they left the jewelry store where he was shot three times at point-blank range. While Mary was watching the news coverage, the last two suspects’ photos were put on the screen and told they were more likely “armed and dangerous” (149). It was pictures of her sons, Tony and Wes.

Even though the robbery occurred outside Baltimore City “crime in Baltimore and its suburbs out of control” (148), and the police force was especially troubled by the death of Sergeant Prothero. On a lead, the police were able to search a house and find a stolen watch. This man admitted to being an accomplice in the robbery, but was not the one that shot Prothero. The other three men were quickly identified. The next day another man was captured. Both captured men had a long criminal record and both denied shooting the Sergeant.

The police grilled Mary Moore continuously, but she could only repeat the truth: “she had no idea where the boys were and had not seem them in weeks” (150). Mary’s niece was married and Tony was supposed to walk her down the aisle. But there was still the manhunt out for them; this was five days after the robbery. Police cars pulled over the vehicle transporting the wedding party, and ordered them to sit on the curb, offering a sizeable reward if they told them where Wes and Tony were located.

It turns out that Wes and Tony had escaped to their Uncle’s neighborhood in North Philadelphia. They were both arrested at their Uncle’s place after a twelve-day manhunt. “As word spread, a collective sigh of relief seeped through Baltimore’s brisk winter air. At home, Mary wept” (155).

Wes was the last to see trial. “Tony and the other two defendants had all…

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