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The Other Wes Moore

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The Other Wes Moore Epilogue and Afterword Summary & Analysis

Epilogue and Afterword

This brief section highlights the details that further separate the reality of the Wes Moores. Since 2000, the other Wes Moore “has spent every day of his life…in the Jessup Correctional Institution, a maximum-security facility in Maryland.” (173) He’s a carpenter and makes about 53 cents a day. Now, he is also a devout Muslim. “At the time of this book’s writing, Wes has just become a grandfather…serving the tenth year of a life sentence. He is thirty-three years old” (174).

After becoming a Rhodes Scholar, Wes spent two and a half years earning his Master’s degree in international relations at Oxford. Following this, he interned in Washington DC focusing on homeland security. After being advised to look into economics, Wes “joined the world of high finance on Wall Street” (176).

He took a leave of absence and then served for several months in Afghanistan. Once returning to US soil, he became an assistant to Condoleezza Rice. Wes goes on in detail about the special experiences he has had in some of the most honorable places in the world. He ends this section with the common questions that he hears during any sort of speaking engagements that he has. Namely, people want to know what made the difference between the two Wes Moores. “And the truth is that I don’t know. The answer is elusive…As I’ve puzzled over the issue, I’ve become convinced that there are some clear and powerful measures that can be taken during this crucial time in a young person’s life. Some of the ones that helped me come to mind, from finding strong mentors to being entrusted with responsibilities that forced me to get serious about my behavior. There is no one thing that leads people to move in one direction or another” (179).

Epilogue and Afterword Analysis

The question that initiated the research and writing of this story is also the one that Wes can’t answer. This is part of “the chilling truth” of their stories. “Wes’s story could have been ” (180)….

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