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The Other Wes Moore

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The Other Wes Moore Important Quotes

1. “I was surprised to find just how much we did have in common, aside from our names, and how much our narratives intersected before they faithfully diverged. Learning the details of his story helped me understand my own life and choices…” (xiii)

2. “Young boys are more likely to believe in themselves if they know that there’s someone, somewhere, who shares that belief.” (28)

3. “From everything you told me, both of us did some pretty wrong stuff when we were younger. And both of us had second chances. But if the situation or the context where you make the decisions don’t change, then second chances don’t meant too much, huh?”

“I guess it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances.” (67)

4. “I didn’t have the energy for romantic rebellion—the possibility of losing control of my life was like a depthless black chasm that had suddenly opened up in front of me. All I wanted to do was turn around, go home, and never find myself at this precipice again for such a stupid reason.” (83-84)

5. “Boredom in teenage boys is a powerful motivation to create chaos.” (87)

6. “My grandparents knew I was at a crucial juncture in my life. These forks in the road can happen so fast for young boys; within months or even weeks, their journeys can take a decisive and possibly irrevocable turn. With no intervention—or the wrong intervention—they can be lost forever. My mother made the decision to intervene—and decided that overdoing it was better than doing nothing at all. She felt my environment needed to change and my options needed to expand. Drastically. My grandparents agreed…My grandparents took the money they had in the home in the Bronx, decades of savings and mortgage payments, and gave it to my mother so that she could pay for my first year of military school.” (95-96)

7. “The notion that life is transient, that it can come and go quickly, unexpectedly, had been with me since I had seen my own father die. In the Bronx, the ideas of life’s impermanence underlined everything for kids my…

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