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1776 Discussion Questions

1. Compare the backgrounds of the lives of the American officers of the Revolutionary War to those of the British officers.

2. Discuss the backgrounds of the rowdy rugged New Englanders who fought the war.

3. Discuss how General Washington raised himself up to planter standing in Virginia.

4. Discuss Washington’s disdain for the New England soldiers and explain what caused it.

5. Discuss how Washington so effectively uses strategic retreat to win the war.

6. Discuss the character drawn of King George III and whether or not his attitude toward the colonists is benevolent or merely patronizing.

7. Discuss the fact that the Continental Congress is mentioned so infrequently during the book. How is this different from other Revolutionary histories in which people like Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Hancock appear so prominently?

8. Discuss the debate held in the British House of Lord and House of Commons concerning the war. How is this…

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