Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 16-18 Summary & Analysis

Gennifer Choldenko

Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 16-18 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 16 Summary: Capone Washed Your Shirts

Monday, January 14, 1935

When Moose gets on the boat to school, he sees that Piper has three large bags of laundry. She is questioned by Mr. Trixle, one of the prison guards, who has a day off, why she has laundry. She explains that it is a science experiment. He says that she “has an answer for everything…just like old man” (99). Moose helps carry two bags without saying a word.

When they arrive at school, Moose watches Piper unlock a supply closet in the Home Ec. room and put the bags in there. “ drifting over there” (100).

Scout finds Moose and tells him there is a baseball game on Tuesday and he is overjoyed that he is able to play. Scout says he likes “to please the folks who bunk with criminals” (100).

Piper hands out the laundered clothes to the kids, and they are not happy. They were expecting blood or bullet holes but the shirts are just clean.  Scout defends Piper when Del argues with her, trying to get his nickel back. She has lost a disappointed customer.

Chapter 17 Summary:  Baseball on Tuesday

Monday, January 14, 1935

At home, Moose learns that his mother has changed her piano classes to Tuesdays instead of Mondays and he is miserable. He asked Scout to change it to Tuesdays specifically and now he cannot believe that he will have to ask him to switch it back. Moose pleads with his mother to switch the days, or to find someone else to look after Natalie. She cannot and asks Moose to make sacrifices: “We all have to help out, Moose. That’s the only way this is going to work” (104).

Chapter 18 Summary: Not on My Team

Tuesday, January 15, 1935

When Scout finds Moose before school starts, he chats excitedly about their baseball game. Moose wants to tell him the truth but struggles. He wishes he could lie and come up with some excuse…

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