Other Resources

Other Resources

In addition to offering synopses and study guides for for hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles, SuperSummary is home to an ever-expanding library of resource guides on a wide variety of relevant topics. These include guides that cover things like grammar, vocabulary and essay writing, as well as guides on poetry, drama and various literary genres, among many other topics. Each of our resource guides provides dozens of links to helpful (and free) online resources, and include resources for students, teachers and anyone interested in the particular topic. Take a look at our resource guide offerings below.

Learning About Shakespeare – Some 400 years after his death, the works of William Shakespeare continue to influence our culture and language. This guide is packed with information about the life, times and writings of the Bard of Avon. Also included are links to a variety of helpful resources for anyone studying Shakespeare.

Ultimate Guide to Reading Comprehension – Strong reading comprehension skills are crucial to learning and critical thinking. This guide has more than 20 resources aimed at helping students of all ages and stages strengthen their reading comprehension, including resources for ESL students, SAT prep resources and resources for teachers and parents.

Ultimate Guide to Spelling Resources – There are plenty of rules for spelling English words. At the same time, there are plenty of exceptions to those rules, making spelling mastery difficult. This guide is aimed at anyone seeking to improve his or her spelling skills. It’s packed with spelling strategies, memory aids and explanations, among many other resources.

Ultimate Vocabulary Resource Guide – How many words are there in the English language? Estimates range from more than a quarter million to just about a million. And the more of those words you know, the better you’re able to express yourself. This guide is full of vocabulary resources for students, parents and teachers – and anyone else looking to bolster his or her vocabulary.

Poetry Writing and Analysis Guide – Including everything from Shakespearean sonnets to greeting card rhymes, poetry is a broad category. If you’re a student or teacher of poetry – or an aspiring poet – this guide is for you. Find poetry reading, comprehension and analysis resources, along with information about major movements in poetry, writing resources and much more.

English Homework Help Guide – Looking for a little help with your English homework? We have you covered with this guide. Find information and additional resources for vocabulary, composition, literature and poetry and more for junior high and high school students.

Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide – Folklore and mythology offer a glimpse into the cultures and beliefs of the past. And many elements and traditions of folklore and mythology are still with us today. Learn more about folklore and mythology with the more than 40 resources in this guide, including individual sections on Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.

Ultimate Teacher Resource Guide – Teaching is a rewarding career. It’s also a challenging one. This guide aims to support the important work teachers do by providing a wealth of helpful resources, including ideas for lessons, ready-made handouts, tests and quizzes across a range of subjects, such as art, English, science and math, among others.

Drama and Theater Resource Guide – The study of drama and theater includes many elements, such as storytelling, performance and design. All of those things – and more – are covered in this guide, which includes more than 50 resources for students and teachers alike. Find resources pertaining to the history of drama, the study and teaching of drama and theater production, among others.

Grammar Education Resource Guide – Looking to improve your grammar skills? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is packed with some 40 resources for strengthening grammar skills, including links to grammar reference materials, grammar study aides and more. Also included are grammar teaching resources that provide lesson plan ideas and classroom activities for all grades.

Guide to Reading Group and Book Club Resources – Starting or joining a reading group or book club is a great way to carve out time to read and discuss everything from the latest paperback thrillers to timeless classics of literature. And this guide is packed with dozens of resources related to reading groups and book clubs – from how to start or find a local book club to suggestions for your reading list and book discussion tips.

Children’s Literature Resource Guide – Reading opens kids up to new worlds, ideas and points of view. And this guide is all about helping foster a lifelong love of reading in young people. It’s full of 40 resources for parents, teachers and kids themselves, including literature-based games, reading guides, study resources and a whole lot more.

Essay Writing Resource Guide – Need help writing an essay? This guide, with links to more than 40 individual resources, is for you. Look inside for general essay writing resources, essay exam tips and even essay publishing resources, among others. There also is a section full of essay writing resources for teachers.

Genre Resource Guide: Science Fiction and Fantasy – Whether you’ve been enjoying works of science fiction and fantasy for decades or you’re just getting into to the genres, this guide is for you. Inside you’ll find a wealth of resources about science fiction and fantasy, including links to relevant articles, blogs and podcasts, as well as science fiction and fantasy writing resources.

Genre Resource Guide: Crime and Mystery – Since their inception in the 19th century, the crime and mystery genres have grown to become some of the most popular with readers (as well as TV and movie watchers). This guide is packed with some 50 individual resources that celebrate the genres of crime and mystery, including resources for readers, writers, teachers and kids. Find links to crime libraries, reading lists, blogs, podcasts and much more.

Academic Citation Resource Guide – In academic writing – any writing, really – properly crediting your sources is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your writing and avoiding plagiarism. And that’s why we put together this Ultimate Guide to Academic Citation Resources. Inside, you’ll find a multitude of citation resources for all of the major academic style manuals, including citation guides, citation generators, citation quizzes and more.

Ultimate Fiction Writing Guide – Writing fiction is a craft. As such, getting good at it takes plenty of hard work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some help along the way. And that’s why we created this guide to fiction writing resources. Inside, you’ll find all kinds of resources for short story writing, novel writing, writing prompts and exercises and much more.

Linguistics Education Resource Guide – Check out this guide for more than 40 resources for students and teachers of linguists, and anyone else captivated by the study of language. Find links to psycholinguistics resources, computational linguistics resources, historical linguistics resources and a whole lot more, including links to relevant blogs and podcasts.

Religious Studies Resource Guide — This guide is packed with more than 50 individual resources for anyone studying or teaching religious studies. Find resources about the study of major western religions and major eastern religions, as well as religious studies teaching resources and resources for reading and analyzing major religious texts.

Guide to Braille Resources — This guide is full of 40 individual resources for users of Braille, parents and teachers – and anyone else interested in this tactile reading system developed in the 19th century. Sections include Braille teaching resources, technology resources for people with visual impairments, Braille resources for kids and more.

Free eBook Download Guide — Inside this guide you’ll find 40 resources for finding free eBooks online. Sections include free eBook download resources, cool eBook apps for your smartphone or tablet, eBook resources for teachers and many more – including study guide resources to help you analyze and better understand the eBooks you read.

Guide to Overcoming Dyslexia — Check out 40 helpful resources for people with dyslexia, teachers, parents and anyone looking to find out more about this common learning disorder. Inside you’ll find sections with resources for understanding dyslexia, dyslexia resources for students, dyslexia resources for teachers and more.