Religious Studies Resource Guide

Religious Studies Resource Guide

A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Teachers of Religious Studies


Embarking on a journey of religious study serves to expand your spiritual, moral, cultural and social boundaries. In addition, if offers an opportunity for in-depth reflection on your belief system or the belief systems of other people in the world. On the other hand, if your job is teaching religious material to others, you actively contribute to the religious and spiritual literacy and development of young people or adults who are beginning to learn or wish to develop a deeper understanding about a specific religion. Whatever your role – student or teacher – this guide provides over 50 helpful links such as lesson plans, social connections, online classes, informative articles, study guides and much more.

General Religious Studies Resources

This section provides general resources for the study of the main religions in the world today. Whether you need help defining a term, connecting with other people of faith or you want the latest religious news, you can find a link here.

Glossary for the Study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Each religion has its own set of terms that can help learners more readily comprehend it. This glossary just happens to offer terms for three different religions.

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly

Discover a departure from mainstream media with distinctive and front line religious news coverage and analysis on both national and international levels.

10 Facts about Religion in America

Follow this link to learn about how often people share their faith, switch religions or change their religious views.


Learn about other faiths and connect with people in this immense and accepting online community. In addition, enjoy browsing religious articles, blogs and a searchable prayer database.

Comparison of Religions

Check out this 15-slide PDF document from Pravin K. Shah of the Jain Study Center of North Carolina which compares the major Eastern and Western religions of the world.

Religious Studies Teaching Resources

Teaching religion is just like teaching any other subject – you need to deliver factual and engaging material. Check out the resources below for religious lesson plans, teaching tools, videos and more.

Jewish-Christian-Islamic Virtual Media Library

Find videos, lesson plans, website links, interactive timelines and academic essays and articles relating to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Religious Studies

From the University of Michigan comes this compilation of general and specific religion studies resources for teachers.

Theology Lesson Plans and Resources

Discover plenty of teaching resources and lesson plans for various world religions as well as a section devoted to Catholic education.

University of Notre Dame Recommended Websites for Teachers

Find links to a variety of blogs, teaching tools and strategies for Catholic education teachers.

Eastern Religion Resources

Reading religious texts isn’t the only way to learn about the Eastern religions of the world. Browse the resources below to find online magazines, educational modules, book reviews, timelines and study guides to help you learn more about Hinduism and Buddhism.

Hinduism Today

This online magazine has resources regarding the Hindu religion as well as videos and the latest news.

9 Basic Hindu Beliefs

The founder of Hinduism Today assembled these nine basic beliefs, which are shared by most Hindus as a summary of their faith.

Hindu Glossary

Follow this link to find a complete A to Z glossary of Hindu-related terms.

Hinduism 101: Learning About Hinduism Inside and Out

Discover free educational modules that help people understand Hinduism at their own pace.

The Buddhist Channel

Follow this link to a dedicated Buddhist news service with daily updates and in-depth coverage.

Daily Buddhism

Enjoy book reviews, podcasts and more to learn all about Buddhism in plain English.

Mutually Sustaining Life: A Buddhist Call to a Troubled World

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Kenshin Tanaka teaches this 51-program series about the life of the Buddha and the fundamental teachings of Buddhism.

Buddhist Online Study Guide

Follow this link to discover educational material for all aspects of Buddhism, such as history and culture, the Buddhist world and more.

Timeline of Buddhist History

A complete timeline detailing Buddhist history from the 6th Century B.C.E. to the 20th century.

Western Religion Resources

In this section, explore Western Religions – Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Mormonism – via links to commentary, historical documents, articles, forums and more.

Guide to Early Church Documents

Within this link is a hypertext document that links to files relating to the early church, such as canonical documents, the writings of the Apostolic Fathers and additional texts.

World Council of Churches

The WCC is an organized movement for Christian unity. It has member churches in more than 110 territories and countries throughout the world.

Christian Resources Today

Find plenty of resources related to Bible studies, Christian beliefs and values.

Visit this site for current and thought-provoking bible-based content in the areas of faith, family, fun and community.

The Five Pillars of Islam

An explanation of the five pillars of Islam in detail with illustrations.

Teachings of Islam

Dr. Mazhar Rishi of the Islamic Society of Chester County, Philadelphia explains the fundamental teachings of Islam.

Islamic Association of North America

The mission of the ISNA is to foster the development of the Muslim community while promoting and encouraging interfaith relations, civic engagement and a better understanding of Islam.


This link takes you the most extensive online collection of Qur’anic commentary, translation, recitation and other helpful resources.

Jewish Encyclopedia

Discover the unedited contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, originally published in the early 20th century, which includes over 15,000 articles and illustrations.

Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus

This site offers five links to different resources that tell of ancient accounts of Jesus.

Jews with Questions

Visit this forum full of discussions about Jewish life, beliefs, practice and more, which is targeted at young orthodox Jews.

Partners in Torah

This free service will handpick a personal teacher that will study with you for a minimum of 30 minutes per week on topics of Jewish life.


Visit this blog maintained by Jeff Lindsay to find discussions of Mormons and their lives, issues related to the Book of Mormon and other thought-provoking topics.

Love, Dating, Marriage and Morality: The LDS Way

Do you have questions about the LDS way concerning the topics of love, dating, marriage or morality? If so, visit this site to see commonly asked questions and answers.


Ensign is the church’s official magazine for LDS individuals and families, which can be viewed online for free.

LDS Home Page

This page is most useful for basic information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and its mission and purpose.

Resources for Reading and Understanding Religious Texts

In this section, you’ll find resources for reading and understanding Western and Eastern religious texts, such as detailed study materials, online classes, and live, interactive presentations.

Study Materials for Catholics

Follow this link to find Catholic study materials mostly concerning the old testament of the bible.

How to Read and Understand the English Standard Version of the Bible

Learn how to read and understand the ESV version of the Bible, which is a literal translation in contemporary English without compromising accuracy, excellence or depth of meaning.

Three Simple Steps for Studying the Bible

Find out how to use observation, interpretation and application to effectively study the Bible.

Bible Study Resources

Discover a collection of helpful Bible study tools including reading plans, indexing the Bible, studying with non-believers and achieving daily quiet time.

Bible Study Tools

This link offers study tools such as a searchable Bible in more than 30 different translations, daily readings and more.

Postmodern Bible Dictionary

Find definitions, pictures and short articles related to biblical studies in this helpful reference.

Book of Mormon Student Study Guide

This study guide for Mormon scriptures can be used for a home-study seminary program or incorporated into a daily seminary program.

The Book of Mormon Online

The Book of Mormon Online is a reader-friendly resource that contains the full text of the original version.

Glossary of Mormon Terms

A glossary of Mormon words and phrases, complete with extensive definitions and colorful pictures.

Book of Mormon Studies for Your First Time Through

Written by a mother for her 11-year-old son, this online book of Mormon studies may be of interest to those who are unfamiliar with the Book of Mormon.

Introduction to the Study of the Qur’an

For students new to the study of the Qur’an, this document explains how this religious text should be approached to avoid confusion.

Introduction to the Study of the Holy Quran

This 452-page guide offers informed commentary, which creates a good starting point for anyone who is serious about studying this ancient work.

Study Guide

A five-part study guide that contains 30 lessons to help anyone study the Qur’an.


Tanzil, which means “to send down,” is an international project that provides precise Qur’an text in Unicode for browsing, searching and listening.

Talmud Study

From Jewish.TV comes Talmud for Beginners, a 13-lesson video course that covers the history of the oral tradition, the structure of the Talmud and more.

Torah Study

This link takes you to the Torah study area of a site called My Jewish Learning, which is an educational and learning website about all things Jewish.

Web Yeshiva

Follow this link to find an interactive Torah study program that offers real-time, interactive classes taught by Rabbis and teachers or archived videos of each class.

Sacred Texts

Find a large variety of Buddhist scriptures, books and essays from the public domain. Most texts are in their entirety and written in English.

Buddhist Studies

Here, you’ll find links to Buddhist scriptures, Guide to Tipitaka, Discourse on the Wheel of Dhamma (Dharma) and more.

The Dharma

This webpage explains Buddhism and explores the different Buddhist scriptures.

Sacred Texts

Visit this site’s archive of electronic Hinduism texts presented in English translation.

Hinduism through Its Scriptures

This free course offered by Harvard University’s Online Learning portal introduces learners to passages from Hindu sacred texts with modern interpretations.


Learn about the traditions of Hinduism via an online textbook called The Philosophy of Religion.