Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 19-20 Summary & Analysis

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Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 19-20 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 19 Summary: Daddys Little Mess

Wednesday, January 16, 1935

School is lonely for Moose as Scout will no longer talk to him. At home he is trying to write a letter to his old friend Pete when Theresa comes to tell him to join them outside. Piper is handing out the laundry money and Annie promised that she would buy them some candy. Theresa tells Natalie that she can bring her buttons. Piper tries to get Natalie’s attention but she is too absorbed with her buttons. Piper asks Natalie to make the calculation to split their money three ways and she calculates it instantly. Mr. Trixle comes outside and tells Piper, Moose, Jimmy and Annie that the Warden wants to see them inside. All of them are terrified.

Theresa grabs Natalie’s hand and brings her along. Moose is astounded. They arrive at the Warden’s library and he is silent for awhile, before he begins to express how disappointed he is. Warden Williams then proceeds to read a letter from Del Peabody’s father about the laundry operation that Del was a victim of. He quotes: “‘I am appalled by the extremely poor taste and unseemly behavior of your daughter and her friends’” (112). In the letter, Mr. Peabody also threatens to send a correspondence to the San Francisco Chronicle if such a thing happens again. The Warden asks for explanations and Annie is addressed first. She tells him it was Piper’s idea. Jimmy and Moose speak up about Piper as well, and the Warden decides to punish them all. Natalie chimes in with the amount of money she calculated and the full truth of the operation comes out. Annie and Jimmy give over their money. “Piper doesn’t move” and the Warden then faces Moose (114). The Warden gives them all a stern warning: “‘if anything like this occurs again, all of your fathers will be dismissed without severance’” (115). Throughout the whole meeting, the Warden addresses Moose like he was involved, even though he repeatedly denies it and is defended by Theresa.

Chapter 20 Summary: Warning

Same day— Wednesday, January 16, 1935

Outside, the kids…

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