Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 21-22 Summary & Analysis

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Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 21-22 Summary & Analysis

Part Two

Chapter 21 Summary: It Never Rains on Monday 

Thursday, March 28, 1935 

The next two months are dismal for Moose and his friends: “On Alcatraz there’s nothing to do, no one to do it with and nothing to look forward to either” (125). Piper is “off the island” (125) at her grandmother’s because she got in trouble and “mostly glad she’s gone. It makes everything easier” (125).

The doldrums break for Moose when spring arrives in March and Piper returns. “It’s like the last two months haven’t happened for her. Her head is full of just as many schemes as it was before” (127). She tells the other kids that Al Capone’s mom is coming to visit Alcatraz and she knows the exact date and time she will be on the boat. Apparently, Piper is able to read the inmates’ mail and this is how she found out about Al Capone’s mom. Because it’s just a simple boat ride, there is really no way for the kids to get in trouble. Piper asks Moose if he will be bringing Natalie because she doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. He tells her it is none of her business what “ about Natalie. Not Piper” (129).

Chapter 22 Summary: Al Capones Mama

Sunday, March 31, 1935

The only kids on the boat are Jimmy, Piper, and Moose. Just before they reach the dock at San Francisco, they hear a sound and turn around to see Theresa with her new baby brother, wrapped in a blanket. He is crying loudly and Theresa hands him to Jimmy to try and calm him, but with no luck.

Finally, they see Mrs. Capone on board. Piper politely introduces herself. Mrs. Capone tries to ignore her by covering her face with a letter. Baby Rocky’s crying grabs Mrs. Capone’s attention and she asks to hold him. “As far as she’s concerned, there’s no one else on the boat but that black curly-haired baby. She sings to him all the way to Alcatraz. When the boat docks, baby Rocky is asleep… She hands the peacefully sleeping infant back to…

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