Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 23-25 Summary & Analysis

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Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 23-25 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 23 Summary: Shes Not Cute 

Tuesday, April 2, 1935

Scout and Moose get put together for a class project “and just like that friends again” (135). Scout plans a baseball game at lunch. Later, he asks Moose for one of those convict baseballs and admits to Moose that he thinks Piper is cute. Moose disagrees about Piper being cute, but agrees to try and get him a convict baseball. Moose thinks about Piper and Scout all afternoon and it troubles him greatly.

Moose takes Natalie outside with him to go look for baseballs. He enjoys talking with her and wonders if Mrs. Kelly is really helping because he thinks Natalie made eye contact with him. He tries to get her to trudge through the bushes but she decides to play with rocks instead. His desire to find a baseball becomes an obsession: “I don’t want Piper to find a ball for Scout. I don’t know why, but I don’t” (139). Moose finds a gap in the fence (possibly from the land eroding away from all the rain they had) and he knows that if he steps inside just for a minute he will not be able to see Natalie.

Chapter 24 Summary: Like a Regular Sister

Same day— Tuesday, April 2, 1935

Moose is having trouble crawling through the gap in the fence. He does see something in the grass and wants to have a closer look at it. However, he is also fearful because he cannot see Natalie. He is torn between his desire to check on her and to go in and retrieve what he sees. When Moose finally gets through the fence, his search is fruitless.

He returns to Natalie and she hasn’t moved. She says the number “105” and Moose makes guesses at where it comes from. Rocks? Birds? Natalie lets him know that he is wrong.

Chapter 25 Summary: My Gap

Wednesday, April 24, 1935

Every day at school Moose plays baseball with Scout at lunch. Scout has not asked him anymore about finding a convict baseball but Piper has, repeatedly. Even though his search has turned nothing up, he is still…

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