Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 4-6 Summary & Analysis

Gennifer Choldenko

Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 4-6 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 4 Summary: American Laugh-Nosed Beet

Saturday January 6, 1935

Through a flashback, Moose reveals that he is “only …a little” (22) that Natalie does not respond to him when he greets her in the morning, because one time, when he was really angry that she didn’t answer back, he also remained silent, which made Natalie cry for “two straight hours” (22). This particular morning they are sharing a special breakfast because Natalie is leaving to go to her special school. Moose tells us that “you don’t come home from the Esther P. Marinoff” School (23). Neither Moose nor his mother thinks it’s a good idea for him to accompany Natalie to her new school, but Cam insists.

On the boat, Moose notices that “Natalie is rocking more than usual” (26). Once Natalie senses that her mother is upset about leaving her at the school, she “curls up in a tight little ball” (27) and even though Helen tries to sound cheery, it does not fool Natalie. The only way to get her off the boat is for Moose to purposefully make errors while reciting a book’s index. Because Natalie loves to correct her brother this gains her attention and Moose is able to coax her off the boat. As she follows him, she recites the appropriate page numbers. Natalie grabs Moose’s hand, and he thinks it is only the second time in his whole life that Natalie has held his hand. Moose tries to convince himself that taking Natalie to this school is what is best for her: “This is the right thing to do, I tell myself. But I don’t believe it. This is another one of my mother’s crazy ideas. I feel sick to my stomach. I want to pull my hand away, but I don’t. I keep walking. Good Moose. Obedient Moose. I always do what I’m supposed to do” (28).

Chapter 5 Summary: Murderers Darn My Socks

Same day – Saturday January 6, 1935

When Moose and his mother arrive home, they find a note on their door from the Warden—he wants to meet with Moose. Moose is still trying…

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