Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 7-9 Summary & Analysis

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Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirt Chapters 7-9 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 7 Summary: Big for Seventh Grade

Monday, January 7, 1935

Moose is on his way to school and is miserable. He only knows Piper, whom he considers an enemy, and figures his chances of making friends are small. When Moose walks into class, his teacher, Miss Bimp, thinks he’s “big for seventh grade” (43) and asks him if it’s perhaps his second time in the grade. The whole class laughs and Moose is hot with embarrassment. She tells him to sit “in the back so doesn’t block anyone’s view of the board” (43).

During the students’ presentations, Moose writes a note to a student named Scout asking him if he played baseball. Scout writes him a note back telling him where to meet him later because they need more players.

When it’s Piper’s turn for her speech, she brags about singing a solo and talks about the infamous convicts at Alcatraz; she also tells everyone that Moose lives at Alcatraz too. When it’s Moose’s turn to present, he tells the class that he moved to Alcatraz over Christmas vacation and was served dinner prepared by a convict. “‘He could have been killed,’ Piper says in a stage voice” (46).

After class, Piper and Moose talk. Piper asks if he is going to help her with her school “project.” These are her plans: “‘we’re going to sell the Alcatraz laundry service to kids at school. You know, get your clothes cleaned by famous Alcatraz convicts Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly and Roy Gardner. We’ll charge five cents a shirt…Money will be split four ways. Jimmy and Annie will help us put the laundry through in their families’ bags, so they each get a cut, plus you and I’” (47).

Chapter 8 Summary: Prison Guy Plays Ball

Same day – Monday, January 7, 1935

Moose meets up with the ball players on the field after school. He makes up all sorts of tales about having snacks with the convicts of Alcatraz.

As Moose steps up to bat, his “head clears” (49), but then on the first pitch, he makes a strike. After the third pitch, he already has…

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