Al Capone Does My Shirt Important Quotes

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Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Al Capone Does My Shirt Important Quotes

  1. “Today I moved to a twelve-acre rock covered with cement, topped with bird turd and surrounded by water” (Chapter 1, p. 3).

Right at the start of the novel, Mooses sour attitude towards his new home is obvious. His tone is sardonic while establishing the novels setting.

  1. “The convicts we have are the kind other prisons don’t want…You get to Alcatraz (AKA: Devil’s Island) by being the worst of the worst” (Chapter 1, p. 3).

Further to the quotation above, Moose does not forget to mention the company he keeps on Alcatraz Island. Living close to the prisoners makes him somewhat of a celebrity at school because it is so dangerous, but he sees this as just another reason to hate his new situation.

  1. “A haze rises from the bay like a wall of gray closing me off from everything” (Chapter 2, p. 10).

Mooses description of the weather parallels the dark mood and sense of isolation that he feels living on Alcatraz Island. It is no wonder that in the first portion of the novel he is longing for home.

  1. “The last thing I want is to meet new kids when Natalie’s around. New people don’t understand about her. They just don’t” (Chapter 2, p. 10).

Here Moose seems to be embarrassed about Natalie, or at least worries about trying to explain Natalies condition to other people. If hes going to meet new people, he would like to make a good impression. However, this statement also suggests that Moose has an understanding of Natalie that most people do not have; this desire to keep her hidden may be his way of protecting her from mistreatment and judgment as well.

  1. “I don’t like getting in trouble. I was born responsible. It’s a curse” (Chapter 3, p. 16).

Mooses self-assessment is an important detail that we see demonstrated in his later interactions with Piper. She is more interested in exciting and daring schemes and manages to lure Moose away from his rule-abiding nature.

  1. “Was this how Natalie felt on the way to the Esther P. Marinoff School? Maybe some big ladies will come along and…
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