Code Name Verity Part 1: Verity Ormaie 16.XI.43 JB-S – Ormaie 20.XI.43 JB-S Summary & Analysis

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Code Name Verity

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Code Name Verity Part 1: Verity Ormaie 16.XI.43 JB-S – Ormaie 20.XI.43 JB-S Summary & Analysis

Ormaie 16.XI.43 JB-S Summary

This chapter is written on November 16, 1943, also in the Gestapo headquarters in Ormaie, France.Having run out of paper, Julie cannot continue writing her confession, so it has been four days since she last wrote a chapter. She is devastated because the Nazis have shown her pictures of the burned out cockpit of Maddie’s plane. Though she does not describe the pictures, Juliebelieves that Maddie is dead.

After two days in the dark, locked in her room, she is taken to the basement to help the cook. Julie finds blank recipe cards and works out a deal with the cook to take them to von Linden. Certain sentences and phrases are underlined in this chapter.

Julie admits that she is confused and has lost the thread of her narrative. She explains what happened to her in the weeks leading up to the writing of her confession, giving details of her torture. She realizes that nine days of her two weeks have elapsed. She decides to beg von Linden for more time, another week, to write down her story.

Julie takes up Maddie’s story again. Dympna arrives at Maddie’s air station with an Anson airplane. Dympna insists that Maddie accompany her on her mission, with her acting as Maddie’s instructor. Julie goes along for the ride. As a result of this flight, Maddie is taken into the Air Transport Auxiliary early in 1941. She receives training in how to fly without a radio or any navigation aids, at which she excels. At the same time, Julie enters the Special Operations Executive, beginning her work as a spy. Maddie does not know exactly what work Julie is doing. Julie gets specialized training, including how to perform a parachute jump. The two women trade letters, with Maddie writing to Julie’s home, Craig Castle, in Scotland.

Von Linden comes in to read Julie’s report and when he leaves, he makes Julie believe that he is about to execute her by setting her on fire with kerosene.

Ormaie 17.XI.43 JB-S Summary

Julie writes this chapter on November 17, 1943 in the Gestapo headquarters in Ormaie, France….

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