Code Name Verity Part 2: Kittyhawk Pages 207-264 Summary & Analysis

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Code Name Verity Part 2: Kittyhawk Pages 207-264 Summary & Analysis

Part 2: Kittyhawk

This part is narrated by Maddie, or Margaret Brodatt, whose codename is Kittyhawk. It begins with Maddie safely hidden, for the moment, with the Thibaut family,who are members of the French Resistance. Clearly, Maddie did not die in the plane crash and subsequent fire. There are no chapter numbers or chapter divisions.

Pages 207-264 Summary

Maddie’s narrative begins with her realization that she has Julie’s false identity papers, which name her as Katharina Habicht. Maddie writes her story in her pilot’s notebook, though she realizes that this is not very smart. If she is caught, her whole story will be available to the Nazis. Furthermore, the British would also prosecute her for writing down her story and possibly betraying British secrets to the Nazis. It has been two days since she landed.

Maddie proceeds to write a report of her flight to France. The flight to France was on October 11, 1943. She describes the takeoff and the damage sustained by antiaircraft fire. She writes that the cargo was 500 pounds of explosives and detonating wire.

Upon landing her aircraft without much damage, she finds members of the French resistance waiting for her, among them Paul, who is in charge of a Resistance circuit called Damask, and Mitraillette Thibaut, a farmer’s daughter. They must destroy her plane to make it look like a crash landing. They have shot a German sentry while waiting for her to land, so they put his body,wearing Maddie’s clothes and boots, in the plane. They also put inoperable junk and old wireless sets, which have been previously compromised and are now useless, into the plane after removing the precious explosives and detonating wire. They set the plane on fire to simulate a crash landing.

Maddie is hidden in Mitraillette’s father’s barn; the whole family is part of the Resistance. The Thibaut family consists of two daughters, the father—Papa—and the mother—Maman. She is constantly terrified, because she poses such a huge risk to everyone helping her. If she is found, the whole family will be shot. In addition, Maddie confirms that she is Jewish. She will certainly be…

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