Code Name Verity Part 2: Kittyhawk Pages 301-332 Summary & Analysis

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Code Name Verity Part 2: Kittyhawk Pages 301-332 Summary & Analysis

Pages 301-332 Summary

Maddie meets with Engelone last time. She tells Engel that Julie is dead, and asks questions about Julie’s time in prison.

From the beginning, Engel was on Julie’s side. When Julie was captured, she had the location in the town hall’s records for the building plans of the Ormaie Gestapo HQwritten on her palm. Engels rubbed out the evidence using Julie’s scarf after she was knocked out to stop her fighting her captors.

When Julie finished her narrative, she was completely exhausted. Engels asked Julie what she should do with the location of the plans and her narrative. Julie told her. Anna had von Linden’s landlady steal Julie’s narrative and tell von Linden that she used the paper to light fires. Anna had a key made for the back door, which she gives to Maddie. Anna has asked for a transfer back to Berlin; she’ll be leaving in a couple of weeks.

As they finish talking, Captain von Linden appears, and Maddie is forced to shake his hand. She vows to complete Julie’s mission, determined to avenge her friend’s death.

The next time we see Maddie, she is in England under house arrest, awaiting interrogation by the Bloody Machiavellian Intelligence Officer. As she waits, she writes a report of the successful demolition of the Ormaie Gestapo HQ on the night of December 11, 1943. In the process of destroying the HQ they freed 17 prisoners. The whole operation took place under the cover of a British air raid.

Before Maddie is evacuated a few days later, she visits the lady with the rose garden, who tells her that she buried the two women prisoners killed on the bridge, one of them Julie, in her rose garden. Maddie figures out that this woman was Julie’s great-aunt, but she just didn’t have the heart to tell her that Julie was one of the women she buried.

The pilot who picks her up is Jamie Beaufort-Stuart, and he tells Maddie to fly them home. Maddie confesses that she shot Julie, and explains why. Jamie keeps his hand on Maddie’s shoulder, comforting her and himself, all the…

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