Hush Hush Summary

Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush Hush

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Hush Hush Summary

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Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush is a 2009 young adult fantasy novel. It is the first entry in what was a planned trilogy but turned out to be a tetralogy. Subsequent books in the series are Crescendo, Silence, and Finale. Publishers Weekly said of the author, “Fitzpatrick regularly tweaks the tension, resulting in a fast-paced, exhilarating read. Nora’s tempestuous relationship with prototypical bad boy Patch is genuinely, even unsettlingly, seductive—fans of paranormal romance should be rapt.”

The story opens in Coldwater, Maine. Nora Grey, a sophomore, and Patch Cipriano, a senior, are given seats next to each other in their biology class. Patch has already failed the class more than once. At first, they do not connect at all,but in time, Nora inexplicably finds herself attracted to the mysterious Patch, although she is as turned off by his behavior as much as she is drawn to it. She keeps her interest in him secret, telling Vee, her closest friend, that she has no feelings for him. Later, Vee asks Nora to join her at Delphic, a local amusement park. Vee’s plan is to fix Nora up with Elliot whom she knows is interested in Nora. While on the outing, they run into Patch. This makes Elliot jealous. When Nora approaches Patch, he convinces her to meet him at the Archangel, a new roller coaster. Shortly, she creates an excuse in order to leave the others and meet Patch.

When they meet, Patch talks her into going on the roller coaster with him. The ride seems to have a tragic result with Nora falling from it, but she realizes that it was her imagination. She is unnerved by this and tries to find Vee and the others she was with. When she is not able to find them, she is forced to let Patch drive her home. At home, Patch offers to make Nora some food. While he is working on it, Nora sees the knife he is using change sizes. They almost share a kiss, but Nora’s mother calls to her. Still, Nora becomes more and more connected to Patch, and her feelings for him soften and grow. She also meets Rixon, Patch’s only friend. On the other hand, she grows suspicious of Elliot when she finds out that he was in some way involved in a murder case at the previous school he attended.

Nora gives a bag lady her hat and coat in return for giving her directions, only to see the woman murdered in front of her. It is raining, and the incident has filled Nora with fear. She calls Patch to come and bring her home. On the way, his car breaks down, and they find a rundown motel in which to stay. In the motel room, Nora sees a scar in the shape of an inverted letter V on Patch’s back. She thought she had only imagined it once when she watched Patch and Rixon roughhouse at an arcade. She touches the scar, which brings her into his memories of earlier times in Patch’s life. Patch then questions Nora about what she has seen, and she asks him to tell her the same. Nora finds out that Patch is a fallen angel from Heaven, who was attempting to kill her in order to obtain a human body. Should Nora die, it would kill Chauncey Langeais, who is Patch’s Nephilim vassal. Patch would then be fully human.

Nora also finds out that Patch’s former girlfriend, Dabria, is her school counselor. She is an angel of death who wants Patch to save Nora. This would make him a guardian angel and able to get back together with her. It is also discovered that Nora’s friend, Jules, is really Chauncey, who is seeking revenge against Patch,because he tricked him into an agreement that would allow Patch to take over his body. After going home from the motel, Nora’s room is broken into by Dabria, who says she wants to kill Nora so Patch cannot do so himself and become human. Patch saves Nora by stripping her of her wings. He knows that the archangels would have done the same. Meanwhile, Nora is asked to participate in a game of hide and seek with Jules, Vee, and Elliot. Elliot implies that if Nora does not join them, Vee will not survive. Patch tries to get Nora to refuse, but she follows the others. Nora comes upon Jules, who seems to be dead, and assumes that Elliot killed him. Jules then traps Nora, admitting that he has been attempting to attack her in order to get revenge on Patch. As the game continues, Jules holds them at gunpoint.

A struggle ensues, leading Patch to gain possession of Nora’s body in order to be able to fight Jules. Patch ends up unconscious, and Nora climbs the rafters of the school gym as she tries to escape, while Jules manipulates her mind into thinking she will fall to her death. Patch is then able to help her overcome the mind games. Jules chases Nora, who knows that if she gives up her life, Patch will become human and Jules will die. She allows herself to fall, which kills Jules. Nora is surprised when she finds that she is still alive. Patch tells her he did not accept the sacrifice because he would not want to be human without her, thus Patch has become her guardian angel and romance is implied.