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Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Hidden

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 1998

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Luke Garner, a secretly hidden third child in a society with strict population control laws, meets another hidden child, Jen, who plans a protest against their oppressive government. Luke learns about the societal injustices and debates whether to join Jen's risky endeavor. Depictions of violence and the death of children appear in Among the Hidden.

Reviews & Readership

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Margaret Peterson Haddix's Among the Hidden captivates with a compelling dystopian premise and a relatable protagonist, making it a hit among young readers. Critics praise its suspenseful plot and thought-provoking themes. However, some note a predictable storyline and simplistic writing. Overall, it remains a strong introduction to speculative fiction for tweens.

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Who Should Read Among the Hidden?

Readers who cherish dystopian narratives with young protagonists will enjoy Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Fans of Lois Lowry's The Giver or Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games will find themselves captivated by the themes of government control, rebellion, and the fight for individuality. This book is perfect for middle school and young adult readers.

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