Free eBook Download Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Downloading Free eBooks and Related Resources


While some may argue that having a printed book in their hands is an experience beyond compare, there are plenty of things to love about eBooks. For example, you can build and store a far bigger personal library of eBooks than you could ever build with print books due to space limitations. Another benefit is the ease with which you can select and begin reading an eBook. Find out more about the benefits of eBooks via this guide full of 40 valuable links. From eBook downloads to popular e-reader apps and alternatives, there’s something here for everyone.

General eBook Resources

Interested in the history of eBooks? How about their future? Or maybe you’re interested in the science behind electronic versus print reading. Find all this information and more below.

eReader IQ

This price-tracking service helps you find free books for your Kindle. Simply search the “freebies” section of the website to find eBooks free of charge.

The History of eBooks

Most people would never guess that eBooks aren’t as new as they seem. In fact, they were first introduced decades ago

Future of Books

Take a look at this colorful infographic to find out how print and electronic publications compare.

The Science Behind the Best Way to Read

Read this article that reveals some interesting research on whether it’s better to read in print or electronically.

Tablet or eReader?

Answer the 12 questions found within this link to find out which purchase would be better for you: tablet or eReader.

eBook Resources for Teachers

This section includes links to various eBooks and online textbooks that teachers can use to supplement lessons or inspire their curriculum.

Open eBooks

This app allows educators and caregivers to instantly download up to 10 eBooks at one time and keep them for 56 days before having to renew. Available selections include thousands of popular and award-winning books for children and young adults.

Textbook Revolution

Find links to textbooks and other educational resources, which are all completely free of charge.

Open Culture

Check out the 800 free eBooks and 200 free textbooks available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Scholastic Listen and Read

Follow this link to find 15 nonfiction, read-along books that include words, images, and sound that you can view on a computer or tablet.

Flat World

College textbooks for free? It’s true. As an educator, you can register for an account and utilize these texts at no charge.

eBook Download Resources

With these eBook download resources, your next good read is only a few clicks away. No matter what you’re in the mood for — a noteworthy classic, a flowery romance novel, or an enthralling mystery — you can find it easily. Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything!

Discover over 1,000 textbooks on various subjects and approximately 600 eBooks for business professionals.

Many Books

Almost 30,000 eBooks, available for both iOS and Android platforms, are at your disposal.


Browse Feedbooks for free public domain books and original books, which are all arranged by category for easy browsing.

Project Gutenberg

Imagine over 53,000 free eBooks at your fingertips. Find them by following the link to Project Gutenberg.

Internet Archive

Find a myriad of eBooks from this nonprofit library that provides them to users on the house.


Smashwords is an online depository for thousands of books published by individuals. While many of the books aren’t free, you can find plenty that are by following this link.


Follow this link to find a library of free eBooks that you can download for your reading pleasure.

Way of Life Literature

This publisher offers Bible study materials that users can immediately download in PDF, Kindle, or ePub formats.

Barnes and Noble: Free eBooks

With the free NOOK reading app for your mobile device, you can take advantage of thousands of eBooks at no charge.

Study Guide Resources

With the study guide links below, you don’t have to worry about getting the best bang for your buck because no money needs to change hands to use them. Choose from guides for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GED, and more.

Free Computer

eBooks on computer languages or web design, anyone? How about freebies? Find them here.


This literature study guide search engine has links to free resources from over 23 providers, such as BookRags, Shmoop,and Pink Monkey.


Discover study guides based on English and American literature, as well as psychology and religion. All study guides were written by Oxford and Cambridge University grads.

Study Guide Zone

If you’re seeking a free study guide for any standardized test, check this resource first. There’s a possibility you can find what you need.

GMAT Study Guide

Need help studying for the GMAT? Find a study guide that provides detailed explanations of concepts tested, hundreds of practice questions with solutions, and a mock test.

SAT Math Guide

Follow the link to access a free online SAT study guide for math test preparation. A full-length math practice test is also included.

SAT Math Guide

Follow the link to take you to a free online SAT study guide for math test preparation. In addition, a full-length math practice test is also included.

ACT Test Study Guide

This 68-page guide provides insight into all sections of the ACT by detailing specific strategies for each section.

Free Study Guides for the GED Test

If you opt to take the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) test, you shouldn’t just wing it. Instead, take advantage of these free study guides to prepare for success.

Snazzlefrag’s Downloadable Study Guides

Find free study guide links for preparing for the CLEP, DANTES, or Excelsior examinations.

eBook Apps

If buying a dedicated reading device doesn’t seem justifiable, you can download an eBook app to your smartphone or tablet. Check out the following seven apps to see which one best fits your needs.


Plenty of current eBooks by independent authors are what you’ll find here. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.

FB Reader

FB Reader provides access to a multiplatform eBook reader app that supports all popular formats and provides access to popular network libraries.


Find plenty of classic, fiction, and nonfiction eBooks to download here. View ratings, reviews,and related titles for each book.


More than 50,000 eBooks in more than 20 categories are available on Oodles, an eBooks discovery platform and reader app.


Wattpad is a social reading app that allows users to post their stories and read other people’s stories for free. Check it out to discover something interesting.

Serial Reader

This app delivers a 20-minute segment of a classic book to your phone every day at a time that works for you. You can choose from hundreds of classic works. Within a certain number of days, you’ll have finished the entire book!

eReader Alternatives

If you don’t have an electronic reader, or you don’t want to use your smartphone for reading eBooks, no worries. Simply choose from one of the following eReaders for your PC or Mac.


Kobo allows you to read eBooks directly from your desktop computer instead of having to rely on a mobile device or tablet.

VitalSource Bookshelf

Download e-textbooks to your PC and access them via VitalSource Bookshelf whether you’re online or not.

Adobe Digital Editions

This free eReader allows users to download, purchase, and view digital content that will appear automatically across all devices that have ADE downloaded.


Calibre is a user-friendly eBook manager that helps you view and download eBooks, news, and magazines, which saves you time when managing your eBook collection and more.

Kindle for PC or Mac

Follow this link to find instructions for downloading the Kindle app to your PC or Mac.