Grammar Education Resource Guide

A Comprehensive Learning Guide for Students and Teachers


There’s no way around it: Good grammar matters. And that doesn’t just apply to English class. Like it or not, people will judge you negatively for your grammar faux pas. So, if you’re looking to improve your grammar skills – whether for school or for life – this guide is for you. In addition to resources for students (or anyone who speaks the English language), this guide includes resources for teachers. Keep reading for some 40 individual resources in six sections, including general resources, reference resources and study resources, among others.

General Grammar Resources

Before you dive into the specifics of English grammar, take a moment to review general grammar resources. These comprehensive tools will help you understand what grammar is all about.

English Club: What is Grammar

An article that explains what grammar is, and what it is not, as well as how it can help you master the English language.

English Grammar Guide

A complete guide that provides the rules of the English language; each rule has several examples on the proper and improper usage, categorized by topic.

Daily Grammar – Why is Grammar Important?

An article that explains why grammar is important, and how it can help you succeed in the real world.

Career Advice: Why is Grammar Important in Communication

An article that lists 14 reasons for the importance of grammar in communication; learn why grammar increases accuracy, helps you save face, climb the corporate ladder, etc.

Oxford English Dictionary: Grammar in Early Modern English

A resource that explains the main differences between early, modern and late modern English. Learn how the spelling and usage of nouns, adjectives, pronouns and determinants have changed over time.

Aspects of Grammar Handbook

A 44-page handbook for writing assessment that explains concepts, such as the elements of a sentence; the structure of a sentence; and the structure of a text. This resource helps you learn the difference between a subject, verb and object, correct and incorrect sentences, and much more!

What Are Basic English Grammar Rules?

While there are hundreds of different rules for grammar, this source narrows down the most basic ones. Learn how to properly use parts of speech in order to form correct sentence structures.

Grammar Reference Resources

Grammar reference websites can be useful not only for those learning grammar, but others who want to verify that the way they used a word or a phrase in a sentence is correct. Whether you are working on a school paper or a report for work, use these reference tools to make sure your work is error-free.

Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty offers short and fun podcasts, “quick and dirty tips,” on topics related to grammar for everyone, whether English is their first or second language. You can also connect with Grammar Girl on various social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Common Errors in English Usage Facebook Page

If you’d like to improve your grammar without much effort, following this social media resource is a great option. Paul Brians, author of Common Errors in the English Usage, regularly shares grammar tips on his social media page. If you follow him, all you have to do is scroll through your newsfeed to brush up on your grammar.

The New Yorker’s Comma Queen

Mary Norris, copy editor for the New Yorker, offers two seasons of a web series on grammar.

Grammar Improvement Resources

We include links to resources to help you improve your grammar. Check out these books, apps and websites on the topic.

How to Learn Grammar

A helpful article that provides solid advice on improving your grammar; from tips such as reading more English books to using computer programs, follow this advice to get better at grammar.

English Grammar Lessons

This free resource provides online grammar lessons you can take at your own convenience. It includes an explanation of the specific lesson, and then offers exercises for self-practice.

Grammar Book

Based on Jane Strauss’s Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, this website provides many grammar rules. Sign up for the site’s e-newsletter to receive grammar improvement tips right in your inbox. Grammar Fundamentals

This two-hour video helps you avoid common grammar mistakes without having to memorize all the complicated grammar rules. Learn the basic principles of English grammar, such as understanding pronouns and using commas correctly.


This tool serves as an automatic proofreader to catch up to 250 grammar mistakes that Microsoft Word would not be able to. Users can even add it to Chrome to use this resource for all their writing needs.

Practice English Grammar

A free app that can be used for iOS or Android, it offers articles and feedback on various topics relating to English grammar. This app was even nominated for the 2014 Best Education App Award.

Grammaropolis Complete

This app for iOS and Android makes improving your grammar fun with games! Users are able to complete activities, as well as hear songs and watch videos that will help them to speak and write better.

Grammar Study Resources

Whether you are studying grammar for personal or professional needs, these resources will help you with your goal. Check out the study guides, worksheets and tests below.

Daily Grammar

This website offers 440 lessons on parts of speech, parts of a sentence and mechanics of grammar. There are also 88 quizzes to test your knowledge!

Road To Grammar

For those getting ready to take the ESL, TESL, EFL, TEFL, or TOEFL tests, this site provides quizzes with rapid-fire questions. Users also have the option to download a PDF version to take quizzes offline.

English Grammar And Punctuation Speedy Study Guide

An easy-to-follow, print guide that includes the basic rules of grammar; read examples of correct and incorrect uses of each part of speech to improve your grammar usage.

Study Guide Zone: Basic Grammar Practice Questions

This website offers 33 online tests on grammar. Whether you are preparing for the SATs or want to properly write an essay, brush up on your skills with these practice questions.

Grammar Study Guide

A detailed grammar study guide, which offers links to more resources on all things relating to grammar.

CliffNotes: Grammar

Refresh your knowledge on common grammar rules, and then put your knowledge to the test with one of the best-known resources for students.

Grammar Monster: Free English Grammar Tests

Choose from various categories in order to test yourself on your grammar skills.

Advanced English Lessons

For those that have mostly mastered the rules of the English language, this site offers advanced tutorials and grammar exercises.

Free English grammar printable worksheets to help you study anywhere, anytime. Connect with tutors and other English learners to ask questions and improve your grammar skills.

Grammar Teaching Resources

If you’re a teacher looking for some fresh ways to teach grammar, check out the resources below for tips, lesson plans and more.

10 Best Grammar Resources for Teachers

This post from Grammarly provides a roundup of 10 great grammar resources for teachers.

Grammar Lesson Plans and Activities

Courtesy of, this entry provides an array of resources on things like grammar conventions, parts of speech and more.

Grammar Resources for Teachers

Find class-room tested lesson plans for how to choose the best verb, punctuation and more.

Fun Grammar Activities

Learning grammar should be fun. Check out this site for fun lesson plans for students in grades K-12.

Additional Grammar Resources

Familiarize yourself with the building blocks of grammar by learning its individual aspects. Use the resources below to get started.

Nouns in English

A tool that explains what a noun is, how to identify it, noun examples, and how they function in a sentence.

What is a Pronoun?

Learn about the different types of pronouns, such as personal, demonstrative and indefinite pronouns.

Grammar Bytes!: The Verb

This source helps you identify a verb in a sentence, and explains its two important functions. Learn about different types of verbs, such as linking and action verbs.

Purdue OWL: Verb Tenses

Learn about the six basic verb tenses, such as present perfect, past perfect and future perfect.

List of Adjectives – Common Adjectives in English

A detailed list of the most commonly used adjectives in the English language.

List of 100 Adverbs

Although they both describe things, this website helps you distinguish the difference between adjectives and adverbs. Students can view and download a PDF of 100 adverbs in the English language.

Preposition List

Did you know that certain propositions are the most often-used words in English? Use this resource to learn all 150 prepositions.

What is a Conjunction?

An explanation, examples and diagrams of what a conjunction is, and the various types of conjunctions.