All the Light We Cannot See Part Nine: Chapters 129–147 Summary & Analysis

Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

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All the Light We Cannot See Part Nine: Chapters 129–147 Summary & Analysis

Part Nine: May 1944

Chapter 129 Summary: Edge of the World

Werner begins hallucinating, seeing visions of the dead, red-haired girl as they drive toward Saint-Malo. When they reach the ocean, Werner climbs over the sea wall to walk on the beach, heedless of the mines and barbed wire. He begins to think that he is not real.

Chapter 130 Summary: Numbers

Reinhold von Rumpel is given three or four months to live. He receives a phone call that takes him from an elaborate dinner party, where the discussion focuses on the retreating German armies. His French informant tells von Rumpel of Daniel LeBlanc, the locksmith, and his connection to Saint-Malo. Von Rumpel has identified the final diamond courier.

Chapter 131 Summary: May

During the last days of May, rumors spread through the resistance that the Allied forces are coming within the week. Marie-Laure sits with her snails in the grotto, dreaming of her father’s return.

Chapter 132 Summary: Hunting (Again)

Werner and his team search day and night but cannot find the radio transceiver. Werner sees the dead red-haired little girl walking the halls of the Hotel of Bees, hunting him.

The next page contains a letter written by Werner to his sister, Jutta. In it, he describes the sea, its many moods and colors, and how it seems to him large enough to contain all of his feelings.

Chapter 133 Summary: “Claire de Lune”

Werner finally locates the partisan broadcast, and immediately recognizes the Frenchman’s voice from the broadcasts he and Jutta listened to as children. When the broadcast ends with “Claire de Lune,” Werner is certain. He is equally certain that he cannot report the Frenchman.

Chapter 134 Summary: Antenna

Werner locates the antenna at Number 4 rue Vauborel, confirming the Frenchman’s broadcast location. Aware that he is committing treason, he says nothing of his discovery.

Chapter 135 Summary: Big Claude

Big Claude, the perfumer, tells von Rumpel where the LeBlancs live.

Chapter 136 Summary: Boulangerie

Werner stands outside Number 4 rue Varbourel. As he tries to gather the courage to knock on the door, a young girl comes out. Werner is immediately struck by her grace and watches her walk away; she…

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