All the Light We Cannot See Essay Topics

Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

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All the Light We Cannot See Essay Topics

1. Light and its battle against darkness form the central theme of this novel. How do both Werner and Marie-Laure see the world in terms of this theme? Explain.

2. Madam Manec urges Etienne to live before he dies. Why does she say this to him? What affect does this plea have on Etienne? What affect does it have on Marie-Laure, who overhears it? Explain what she means in terms of all three characters.

3. Werner says that he lost his soul in the war, but in many ways he loses it much earlier. In what ways does he redeem his soul? In what ways does he not? Explain in terms of Werner’s relationships with at least three people. Some suggestions: Frank Volkheimer, Marie-Laure, Dr. Hauptmann, Frederick, Jutta, and Etienne LeBlanc.

4. Many characters are motivated by fear or greed in this novel. Do any characters evolve or change in the novel? Who? How and why does that character change, or not? You must use at least three characters to explain your idea, including Etienne LeBlanc, Claude the perfumer, and a character of your choice. Some other suggestions include: Sergeant Major von Rumpel, the commandant, Frank Volkheimer, and Werner.

5. Jutta acquires a maturity beyond her years early in life. How does she express this maturity? What is her role in the story, and why does Doerr show us her life in 1974?

6. While some characters do act from fear or greed, others show great humanity and bravery. What characters demonstrate extreme bravery?…

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