All the Light We Cannot See Part Five: Chapters 68–95 Summary & Analysis

Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

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All the Light We Cannot See Part Five: Chapters 68–95 Summary & Analysis

Part Five: January 1941

Chapter 68 Summary: January Recess

Werner goes home with Frederick to Berlin during their school vacation. Frederick’s family is rich and privileged. Though Werner feels that he has betrayed Frederick, Frederick continues to treat Werner exactly the same as before. The maid, Fanni, lets them into the apartment.

Frederick puts on eyeglasses, revealing why he is so poor at marksmanship. He shares his treasures with Werner, including comic books and a forbidden American book: Audubon’s Birds of America.

Frederick’s mother proudly takes the boys out in their uniforms, and she insists to friends that the Jewish woman who currently occupies the penthouse apartment in their building will be gone by year’s end. When Werner asks Frederick whether he wants to go back to school, Frederick replies that his parents need him to be at Schulpforta, so it doesn’t matter what he wants.

Chapter 69 Summary: He Is Not Coming Back

When her father fails to return from his trip, Marie-Laure becomes angry and withdraws from everyone. After 20 days, she is bereft and gives up hope.

Chapter 70 Summary: Prisoner

One cold winter night, Werner and all of the other boys are awakened at 2 a.m. They are taken to the courtyard, where a prisoner is bound to a stake in the ground. The boys take turns to throw a bucket of cold water on the prisoner. Every boy must take his turn. Werner longs to run away, but all he can think about is how everyone is trapped in the roles they are forced to play. By the time it is Werner’s turn, he just wants the nightmare to be over. He tosses his bucket of water onto the man’s chest.

Frederick refuses to throw water onto the prisoner, and he pours the water in his bucket onto the ground.

Chapter 71 Summary: Plage du Môle

Madame Manec takes Marie-Laure to the beach, despite Etienne’s objections. For Marie-Laure, the beach and the ocean are wondrous marvels. She loves everything about the beach, and enjoys it even on a rainy, February day. She takes shells home for her uncle.

Chapter 72 Summary: Lapidary

Sergeant Major von Rumpel approaches…

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