All the Light We Cannot See Part Seven: Chapters 101–120 Summary & Analysis

Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

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All the Light We Cannot See Part Seven: Chapters 101–120 Summary & Analysis

Part Seven: August 1942

Chapter 101 Summary: Prisoners

Neumann Two arrives at the school to escort Werner to his new position in the Wehrmacht. During the journey, Werner observes train cars of prisoners, sitting upon the bodies of their dead to protect themselves from the wind of the open cars.

Chapter 102 Summary: The Wardrobe        

After Madame’s death, Etienne retreats to his room for four days. When he comes downstairs, he takes charge, asking the women to leave so that he may resume caring for Marie-Laure. He immediately creates a false back to the wardrobe so that they can reach the attic secretly. He asks Marie-Laure for details of how Madame received and transmitted information. Marie-Laure eagerly agrees to continue going to the baker and bringing home the information baked into their daily loaf of bread.

Chapter 103 Summary: East

Eventually, Neumann Two and Werner arrive in Russia at their duty station. Werner is to use the radio transceivers to locate enemy radio positions. He is surprised and happy to be reunited with Frank Volkheimer. Werner repairs the equipment.

Chapter 104 Summary: One Ordinary Loaf

Etienne rigs up warning bells throughout the house so that they can hear if someone enters when they are upstairs. Marie-Laure retrieves the loaf containing numbers. After dark, as they ascend to the attic, Etienne refers to Madame’s joke about the boiling frog; he wonders if Madame meant the frog to represent her or the Germans.

Chapter 105 Summary: Volkheimer

Werner attempts to locate partisan radio transmissions, as the German supply trains have been hit repeatedly. He doesn’t find anything. The other members of his unit are the engineer, Walter Bernd, and Neumann One, a driver, as well as with Volkheimer and Neumann Two.

Chapter 106 Summary: Fall

Etienne watches a group of German officers gather on the city ramparts through binoculars; then he transmits the numbers contained in the loaf of bread that day. He receives information to transmit every few days, and he has given up trying to decode the messages. Marie-Laure comes upstairs as he broadcasts a brief snippet of music—tonight it is Vivaldi. They dance to the music, and Etienne…

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