All the Light We Cannot See Part Two: Chapters 32–36 Summary & Analysis

Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

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All the Light We Cannot See Part Two: Chapters 32–36 Summary & Analysis

Part Two: 8 August 1944

Chapter 32 Summary: Saint-Malo

The bombs create a firestorm inside the ancient city. In parts of the city the flames reach 300 feet into the sky. The Hotel of Bees is hit by at least one bomb.

Chapter 33 Summary: Number 4 rue Vauborel

Marie-Laure curls up under her bed, with the blue diamond in one hand and the little house in the other as the bombs rain down on the city. Her ears are assaulted by the noise of the bombs. She smells fire and smoke, as the city burns around her.

Chapter 34 Summary: Hotel of Bees           

Werner is thrown by the concussion during the bombing. His hearing is destroyed. He tries to gather his wits to check on the radio and his companions in the basement: the engineer Walter Bernd and Frank Volkheimer.

Chapter 35 Summary: Down Six Flights

Marie-Laure returns the stone back to the wooden puzzle house, putting the house in her pocket. She descends six flights of stairs, finds a half-loaf of bread in the kitchen, and takes it with her into the cellar.

Chapter 36 Summary: Trapped

Frank Volkheimer uses his field flashlight to illuminate the basement. The stairwell is gone. The ceiling is lower, but none of the main beams has broken completely. Volkheimer uncovers Bernd. Though Bernd is screaming, Werner cannot hear him. Volkheimer makes his way over to Werner. Werner yells that they have to find another way out; Volkheimer says there is no other way out.

Part Two: Chapters 32 – 36 Analysis


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