Allegiant Summary

Veronica Roth


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Allegiant Summary

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Allegiant is the third book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent Series. It opens on Tris, who is imprisoned as punishment for her actions in the second installment of the series. Meanwhile, Tobias is torn; he wants to provide support for Evelyn, his mother, on one hand. On the other hand, he wants to leave the city. Amid this, he learns that Tris will be interrogated, but he knows she’ll be able to resist, despite truth serum used against her. She is able to lie, and in so doing, saves not only herself, but two others who were imprisoned with her–Cara and Christina. She blames Marcus for manipulating her and for collusion with Evelyn.

Meanwhile, the city is in rough shape; people are rioting. One riot results in Edward’s death, bringing about a realization for Tobias. He determines that Evelyn is responsible for taking away the people’s choice. The riots have a number of impacts on the city and the story, including rules that are more stringent. Allegiant, a rebel group, contacts Tris, claiming to want to help her and others escape from the city. Tobias is among the group that Allegiant wants to assist and so is Caleb, but first Tobias must rescue Caleb before his trial. Together, they escape the city.

After their escape, Dauntless attacks them, killing Tori and shooting Tobias in the arm. The group is separated, but reunited again before they decide to explore the area outside the city. During their exploration, they encounter Zoe and Amar. Amar was Tobias’s trainer; this encounter surprises Tobias–he had thought Amar was dead. Zoe reveals that she and Amar work for the group that founded the city. After Tris determines that Zoe can be trusted, she leads Tris and the others to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, which is housed in what was formerly known as O’Hare Airport. They meet David, the leader, whom Tris recognizes from a picture with her mother.

At this point, the reader learns important information about what caused all the trouble in the United States. David explains that the Bureau used to be a part of the US government, which failed because it tried to breed out negative traits, as well as emotions, among the citizenry. This fueled a civil war that ravaged the nation and led to the survivors being placed in cities where they created the Divergent, a group of genetically healed people. Since then, the Bureau has shifted gears to observing and studying the societies that survived the war.

While at the Bureau,Tobias talks with Amar about why he faked his own death and reconnects with him. Tris receives documents pertaining her mother and her near-perfect genes. The Bureau tests both Tris’s and Tobias’s genes, and they learn that while Tris is a member of the Divergent, Tobias is not. Tobias learns that his father was exiled from the city, and lives with the genetically damaged, who suffer at the hands of the government. Tobias learns this from a woman named Nita. He tells Tris about this and introduces them. Nita has a task for them–to help her steal a serum from the Bureau.

According to Nita, the Bureau is planning to use the serum to reset the memories of the people of Chicago. Tris doesn’t believe her, but Tobias promises to help Nita. Nita uses a bomb to attack the Bureau and takes David hostage. She wasn’t after a memory serum, but rather a death serum. Despite her attempt to use David as a human shield to facilitate their escape, Nita and Tobias are both caught and arrested as traitors. Nita remains in custody while Tobias is freed. Even though Nita wasn’t after the memory serum, it does exist, and the Bureau plans to use it against the Chicagoans.

Tobias returns to the city, hoping he can inoculate people against it. He enlists the help of his mother, getting her to allow the people in the city to ally with Allegiant in order to resist the Bureau. Outside the city, Tris determines she will stop the Bureau by using the memory serum on them so that they can’t use it on the people in the city. She succeeds in this, but David shoots and kills her. Tobias, driven by grief, wants to use the serum himself to wipe his memory of Tris, but Christiania convinces him not to. He devotes his efforts to helping the world heal.

The book is told through Tris’s and Tobias’s points of view, alternatively. Allegiant, along with the other books in the Divergent series, was adapted for film. Unlike the preceding books, Allegiant was split into two movies. Major themes of this book, and the series as a whole, include nature vs. nurture, government control, and choice.