Black Swan Green Chapters 11-13 Summary & Analysis

David Mitchell

Black Swan Green

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Black Swan Green Chapters 11-13 Summary & Analysis

Chapter Eleven Summary: Goose Fair

Jason and Moran are at the fairgrounds for the Goose Day holiday when Jason finds a wallet belonging to Ross Wilcox, fat with money. Without telling anyone, Jason pockets the money and spends some on caramel apples for Moran and his sister. Then word gets out that Ross Wilcox is looking for his wallet. Ross and his girlfriend, Dawn Madden, fight. Jason learns from Moran’s sister that Ross Wilcox is carrying around six hundred pounds, the money his dad gave him when tax collectors showed up at his business. Ross’s dad is known to have a vicious temper; according to rumor, he beat Ross’s mother badly for losing a roll of postage stamps. Jason is delighted by this news; it’s a chance to see Ross suffer badly without Jason himself lifting a finger.

As he and Moran wander the fairgrounds, Jason is shocked to see his father there, eating some chips. His father is moody and dreamy and unlike himself, and Jason is moved to confide that one day he would like to be a forester.

The encounter with his own father changes Jason’s mind about the wallet, and he tracks Ross down to return it. Ross, ungrateful as always, runs off to find Dawn. When he finds her with another boy, Ross hops on a motorcycle and speeds away. He hits a muddy patch on the road and loses control. A woman passing by finds Ross on the roadway with one leg sheared off at the knee.

Chapter Twelve Summary: Disco

In his metalwork class, Jason gets revenge on Neal Brose by taking Neal’s calculator – an expensive one – and crushing it in a vise. Mr. Nixon, the headmaster, questions Jason, asking if his behavior is the result of his father losing his job (at the day of the carnival, in the previous chapter). Jason says the two facts are completely unrelated – he destroyed Neal’s calculator to get back at Neal for extorting money for ‘popularity lessons.’ As Jason explains, when he refuses to pay, Neal’s friends threaten to beat him after school.

Left alone in the…

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