Bodega Dreams – Book II, Rounds 9-12 Summary & Analysis

Ernesto Quinonez

Bodega Dreams

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Bodega Dreams – Book II, Rounds 9-12 Summary & Analysis

Round 9 Summary: I Liked the Way You Stood Up for Us 

The next day when Chino returns home from work, Blanca and Pastor Vasquez are having coffee in his apartment. When two police officers stop by to ask Chino some questions, Blanca invites them inside. Chino is asked about “Enrique Guzman” and informed that they are investigating the murder of Alberto Salazar. Chino gives them the bare minimum of information, including that he has been Sapo’s friend since junior high and that Sapo occasionally gives him rides to school. Blanca,angry and disappointed in Chino, tells him that she is going to her mother’s house.

The officers bring Chino down to the precinct for more questioning. Although they are Hispanic, Chino notes that “cops are a race unto themselves. It’s blue first, brown second” (173). One officer, DeJesus, who is Cuban, insults Chino for being Puerto Rican and without the intervention of another officer, they might have been involved in an altercation right there.

Chino is called in to speak to Captain Leary, who shows Chino a picture of Salazar’s body with the bite mark on his shoulder. He also shows documents from the Harry Goldstein Real Estate Agency and asks Chino about the names William Irizarry and Willie Bodega. Chino lies and says the name means nothing to him, which he justifies with this reflection:“In America you can say that rain falls dry and you let the jury decide if it’s true or not” (178). Although DeJesus protests, Captain Leary allows Chino to leave, warning him that if he’s so much as spotted jaywalking, he’ll be brought right back to the precinct. 

Round 10 Summary: The Saddest Part Is Turning Off the Lights 

Back in his apartment, Chino misses Blanca. He calls her at her mother’s house, and it’s a conversation that stands out for their use of each other’s real names, Julio and Nancy. Blanca informs him that she will be staying at her mother’s house for a while, at least until the baby is born. Although Chino is devastated, he doesn’t argue with her, because “When your wife says she’s leaving…

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