Caleb’s Crossing Discussion Questions

Geraldine Brooks

Caleb’s Crossing

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Caleb’s Crossing Discussion Questions

1. The treatment of the Wompanoag by the Mayfields and Merrys seems like an alternative to the hostility that we see elsewhere. Do you think that these people, with their ability to communicate and cooperate with the indigenous people, suggest an alternative possible history for America, with Native Americans and Europeans living side by side?

2. Reading this from the twenty-first century, we can see many things that Bethia herself does not realize. What are some of the things that Bethia does not see that we can see?

3. What are the similarities in gender, race, and class in this novel? Is Bethia’s experience comparable to Caleb’s? Are these experiences comparable to class differences as seen in the novel? What differences do we see in the boundaries drawn in terms of race, class, and gender?

4. Geraldine Brooks is a journalist. How do you see her occupation as a journalist influencing her fiction writing? What are…

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