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Inferno Summary

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Inferno,a 2013 mystery thriller by Dan Brown, is the fourth book in the Robert Langdon series, which includes Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and The Lost Symbol. It was number one on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction and combined print &e-book fiction for the first eleven weeks of its release, and is stayed on the E-book fiction list for the first seventeen weeks. A film adaptation was released in 2016.

Professor Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital bed with a head wound and cannot remember anything. He was at Harvard, but now he realises he is in Florence. Sienna Brooks, one of his doctors, says he stumbled into emergency after being grazed by a bullet, which gave him a concussion. Vayentha, an assassin who had been following Robert, breaks into the hospital, shooting a doctor. Sienna grabs Robert, and they run to her apartment. In a hidden pocket in Robert’s jacket, they find a biohazard container, which holds a small medieval bone cylinder fitted with a hi-tech projector that shows an altered version of Botticelli’s Map of Hell. This is curious enough, but soon soldiers break into the apartment building, and they must flee again.

Robert and Sienna head towards the Old City, where they believe they might find out more about the cylinder and its connection to Dante, but are intercepted by Venice police and more soldiers. They must sneak carefully through the city. Sienna and Robert, who spent a significant amount of time in Venice, now are in possession of Dante’s Death Mask with a mysterious riddle on the inside of it. Bertrand Zobrist is a billionaire geneticist who previously owned the mask at the Florence Baptistery. Sienna explains that Zobrist advocated for a halt to humanity’s growth due to the out-of-control world population. He was rumored to be working on a way to do so with his genetic expertise, using an engineered disease. Jonathan Ferris shows up, saying he is from the World Health Organization, and has come to help them escape the soldiers. He has a severe rash on his face and a large bruise on his chest, but he hides the latter from Robert and Sienna. The three follow the riddle to Venice, but Ferris falls unconscious suddenly. Sienna says he is bleeding internally, and Robert believes Ferris has been infected with Zobrist’s plague.

Robert is captured by a group of soldiers, but Sierra escapes. Robert is brought to Elizabeth Sinskey, the director-general of the WHO. She explains that Zobrist committed suicide a week previously, but he had been a brilliant geneticist and Dante fanatic. He had apparently developed a plague that would kill off a large portion of the world. Elizabeth raided Zobrist’s safety deposit box,finding the cylinder, then flew Robert to Florence to follow the clues. However, Robert stopped communicating with WHO shortly after, and they suspected he had changed sides. The soldiers were actually the WHO’s emergency response team and meant no harm. Zobrist paid a consultation group called The Consortium to protect the cylinder, but only until a certain date. He left a disturbed video with Dante imagery, showing a picture of the plague underwater in a slowly dissolving bag. The video claims the whole world will be changed after the next morning. Elizabeth says they were then obligated to protect whatever it was the bone cylinder had been pointing to. All events of the novel to this point have been staged by the WHO; Robert was drugged with benzodiazepine drugs to erase his short term memory, and then given a fake head wound to confuse him and motivate him to solve the mystery. Sienna, Vayentha, and Ferris are actors working in tandem with The Consortium.

Then, Sienna goes rogue. The Consortium realises she is a secret supporter and lover of Zobrist. She finds out where the bag is being kept after Robert solves the riddle, and gets herself a private jet. She tries to get it before anyone else, but Robert, the WHO, and The Consortium team together to stop her. They think the location hinted at in Zobrist’s video is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul,but realise it is actually in the Cistern, where Sienna is. Robert chases her until she gives up, and soon after, she starts to sob and tells Robert everything about the plague. Robert persuades her not to run away, so she can tell Elizabeth everything she knows. Sienna agrees, and does just that. Elizabeth decides to let Sienna help her answer the many questions that will soon arise from world leaders everywhere. Robert and Sienna say their goodbyes and kiss before parting ways.