Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Chapters 10-11 Summary & Analysis

Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Chapters 10-11 Summary & Analysis

Chapter 10 Summary

Jacob realizes he has a tough decision to make in the next couple days: “Stay or go—neither option seemed good. How could I possibly stay here and leave behind everything I’d known? But after all I’d learned, how could I go home?” He begins to think the reason his grandfather did not return to the children’s home after the war was that he didn’t want to be a watchdog, and Jacob feels the same way. Jacob questions his ability when he thinks about how his grandfather was a warrior and how he is not.

Martin, the museum curator, goes missing in Cairnholm, and his body is found in the ocean. Jacob learns from his father that the new man in town wears sunglasses at night, and Jacob sees this as a clue that the man is a wight. He goes to Miss Peregrine to warn her and she tells the children that no one can leave the house, not even Jacob. Jacob tells Emma that he is going to leave to protect his father, and she declares that she will come with him.

Enoch suggests they go to Martin’s body and find out how he died. On the way, Enoch gives each of them (Emma, Jacob, and Bronwyn) a heart to carry. Enoch wakes Martin up, and Martin tells Jacob that “my old man” killed him. Before they can understand, the ornithologist comes in, and Martin says that it was him that came to his door to kill him. The wight reveals he has been many different figures in Jacob’s life, most importantly, Dr. Golan. Dr. Golan offers Jacob a third option: to join him and Malthus and explore the world.

Malthus is the creature that killed his grandfather, and Dr. Golan leaves them with the creature, which has cornered them. Bronwyn throws herself at the creature to allow the others a chance to escape. Once she escapes too, she pushes the house over on top of the creature. As they run to the cairn, they split up to give themselves better chances of escaping. Emma goes with Jacob, and…

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