Son Of The Mob Summary

Gordon Korman

Son Of The Mob

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Son Of The Mob Summary

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Son of the Mob, (2002) by Gordon Korman, is about Vincent Luca, a student who wants nothing to do with his father’s mafia business. He meets a few people along the way who try to help him stay out and must make difficult decisions about his relationships.

Vince’s father is the mob king of New York City. As the story opens, he is out on a disastrous first date that ends with him finding an unconscious body in the trunk of his car. This is normal, but Vince does not appreciate it.

His life has never been normal. His mother never talks about his father’s business, which includes long, strange hours, and his house is full of “uncles.” They only discuss business in one room in the house because the rest of the house is bugged by the FBI. He cannot play football because the other members of the team are afraid of him.

After one of the games, he gets to know a girl named Kendra. At first, he does not want to have anything to do with her because her father is the head of the FBI, but after getting thrown together through unusual circumstances, they develop feelings. He tries to date her like an average person would, and keep his family out of things.

The relationship is stressful. Not only is her father an FBI agent, but also he is determined to bring down Vince’s father. Vince is drawn to his father’s business despite wanting to stay legal, and he finds himself in several instances doing work on the fringes. He also tries to help some guys who owe his dad money, but he ends up getting swindled.

The family members suspect that an inside man is working with the FBI, and Alex, Vince’s best friend, is becoming more and more sullen as his relationship with Kendra progresses. Kendra still has no idea that Vince is the son of a huge mob boss and it begins to strain their relationship, eventually breaking them up.

Later, at the prom, Vince decides that the best thing is for him and Kendra to win prom king and queen to have a reason to get back together. He loses by three votes, but he goes back to talk to her anyway. They get back together, and things are looking up.

By the end of the book, he has uncovered the source of the leak and managed to keep his relationship with Kendra together. He never enters into his father’s business, and for now, everything remains clean.

Honesty is major theme of the book. Honesty seems black and white, but his father is known for his extreme fairness in dealing with people and situations. This is strange considering he is head of a huge crime family in New York City. Many people are afraid of him, but he is known by his nickname, “Honest Abe Luca.”

Vince, on the other hand, spends a good deal of the book lying to Kendra about his family. He does not want to meet her parents because of whom her father is, and this puts a strain on their relationship. It causes him a lot of worries and makes Kendra feel as though he is hiding something, which he is. When he finally blurts out the truth, it turns out that she is not bothered by it at all.

Another major theme is that of trying to grow up. At first, Vince seems barely aware of who his father is, but his experiences with other kids at school slowly help him realize just how big and feared his father is. He suspects then that his dad has mafia ties, but his mother never admits to that. He also sees the uncles coming in and out of the house, sometimes bullet ridden, and he knows that his father is into something secretive. He does not want any part of his father’s crime business but feels drawn into it anyway. It is only through a lot of soul-searching that he manages to help his father out with the leak while keeping his own hands clean.

He has to decide his future. His decision to remain out is respected, but the constant presence of the mob is a strong influence on his decision-making and his life. He is at a vulnerable stage in his personal development and is struggling to find his identity. Everywhere he goes, he is faced with the specter of his father’s reputation. It even prevents him from joining the football team.

At one point in the book, he finds himself asking for an illegal cell phone so that he can talk to Kendra without anyone knowing his number. He comments that even though he has lived his whole life in the house of a mob boss, it took an interest in a girl to get him to do something illegal. Although he has this momentary slip, it seems clear that Vince is a good kid and that things will probably turn out ok for him.