The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die Summary

April Henry

The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die

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The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die Summary

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The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die is a novel by April Henry, published in 2013. It is an action-adventure mystery, and includes themes of family, romance, the corrupting influence and potential abuse of power, and scientifically created weapons.

A teenage girl named Katie wakes up without any memories. She doesn’t know who or where she is, or what is happening. She is being dragged through the woods by three men, who take her to a secluded cabin. She is missing fingernails and has been beaten. One of the men leaves to return to Portland, and Katie is dragged out behind the cabin to be finished off. Katie realises she knows karate, and fights back. She knocks the man out, steals his gun, wallet and cell phone. Then she takes his car, escaping the cabin and the men.

The girl drives to a security office where she asks for help. One of the men Katie escaped from, who is named Nowell,calls the security officer and claims to be a doctor from a mental hospital called Sagebrush. Nowell tells the officer that a girl named Katie has escaped, that she is paranoid and having hallucinations. The officer attempts to keep Katie in her car, but she pulls the gun out and is able to escape.

Katie stops at a McDonalds for food and shelter, but still doesn’t know who she is. She meets Ty, who gives her a free cup of water with her food. She falls asleep while trying to figure out what is going on, feeling exhausted and frightened. When Ty, the only employee working that night, wakes her up, she is embarrassed and goes to the bathroom. At this point, Katie overhears the three men arrive at the McDonald’s and ask Ty if he has seen the girl. Ty says no while Katie hides in the bathroom. When they leave, Ty helps Katie sneak away and stay at his apartment.

At the apartment, Katie meets James, Ty’s roommate. The three men knock on the door the next morning, asking for her again. Ty helps Katie hide while James gets rid of the men. Afterwards, the two boys cut Katie’s hair to look like a boy, and they leave on skateboards. They go to a café, then the library. They learn that the security officer who tried to hold Katie was killed. They also learn that the cabin has been burned to the ground with human remains inside. Katie decides to change her name to “Cady”, short for Cadence, as an added level of anonymity.

Ty and Cady steal a car from a nearby gym and head to Portland. Cady thinks she will find answers there. Someone who claims to be Cady’s aunt is speaking to the press on the radio, and the two decide to find her. Elizabeth seems to recognise Cady, and begins to explain. She says Cady’s parents are microbiologists who found a previously unknown virus which causes the victims to drown in their own blood. They developed a vaccine for the virus that could be used for biological warfare, and are trying to prevent it from being used destructively. The owners of Z-Biotech are after the virus;these are the men who are chasing Cady. They must want to question her to find out where her parents are. Throughout their meeting, Elizabeth seems frustrated that Cady doesn’t remember anything.

Aunt Liz, Ty, and Cady go to Cady’s old house to look for any clue that could help. Liz reveals she isn’t really Cady’s aunt, but her parents’ boss at Z-Biotech, and suddenly one of the men who tried to kidnap Cady shows up. His name is Michael Brenner. For some reason, seeing him brings back all of Cady’s memories, and she realises that Brenner killed her little brother, Max. She fights Brenner, breaking his arm, and gets possession of a gun. Cady and Ty tie up both Brenner and Liz.

Brenner and Liz reveal that Max is actually alive, and that the remains found in the cabin were from a chimpanzee, not a human. Cady decodes and calls an encrypted number, and leaves a message for her parents. Her mother calls her back, explaining that Max is sick with the virus, and that Cady must steal the vaccine back from Z-Biotech.

Cady and Ty take Liz’s keycard, disguise themselves as janitors, and sneak into the Z-Biotech building. They tie up the security guard and search for the vaccine. They find eggs that are growing the vaccines, which they set on fire. Cady takes a vaccine, but then Nowell shows up. He drains what is left of the vaccine down the drain, but Cady had switched it for plain water. Nowell realises the eggs are on fire, and rushes to open the container. There is an explosion, and everyone is burned. When the firefighters arrive, Ty explains what happened to them. Brenner, Nowell and Elizabeth, as well as the rest of Z-Biotech, are arrested. Max gets the vaccine and returns to health. Cady’s mother explains that her father and Ty will also be okay, while Cady recovers in the hospital.

The book ends with Ty and Cady going on a ski trip together, three months after the previous events. Cady’s parents are rebuilding their ruined cabin, and Cady and Ty finally share their first kiss together.