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Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House

Fiction | Play | Adult | Published in 1879

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Essay Questions

Use these essay questions as writing and critical thinking exercises for all levels of writers, and to build their literary analysis skills by requiring textual references throughout the essay. 

Scaffolded/Short-Answer Essay Questions

Student Prompt: Write a short (1-3 paragraph) response using one of the below bulleted outlines. Cite details from the play over the course of your response that serve as examples and support.

1. Throughout the play, Torvald refers to Nora in relation to different objects, animals, or images in their conversations.

  • What is Nora’s general response to this Objectification? (topic sentence)
  • Find 3 examples of Objectification throughout the play and explain the context and given circumstances of each.
  • In your concluding sentence or sentences, summarize the ways in which these examples of Objectification demean Nora as an individual.

2. Many of the characters touch upon the importance of possessing financial freedom within the play.

  • Select one character and share their position on financial freedom. (topic sentence)
  • Find and discuss 2-3 examples in which their opinion on financial freedom informs their decisions.
  • Does this character achieve financial freedom at the end of the play? Why or why not? Explain in your concluding sentence or sentences.

3. Within the world that Nora and her companions live, deception (particularly through a Fraudulent lifestyle) is an important tool to maintain social order.