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Mikhail Lermontov

A Hero Of Our Time

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 1838

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Books 2-3Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Book 2: “Maksim Maksimych”

Book 2 Summary

The narrator stays at an inn in Vladikavkaz while he awaits an infantry convoy called the “Adventure,” which he will join to escort a baggage train through the mountains to Ekaterinograd. He must wait three days, and during that time, he writes down Maksim Maksimych’s story about Pechorin and Bela.

On the second morning of his stay, Maksim Maksimych arrives, and the narrator greets him happily. They eat dinner together and then smoke pipes in silence. An elegant carriage with a well-dressed manservant pulls into the courtyard. The narrator and Maksim Maksimych go to see who it is. The rude servant, who is unloading baggage, says that his master is Pechorin and that he is spending the evening with a Coronel N. Maksim Maksimych is excited and tells the servant to let Pechorin know he is here. He goes outside to wait for Pechorin’s arrival.

An hour later, the narrator invites Maksim Maksimych to have some tea with him; Maksim Maksimych is anxious because the servant has been away for a while and Pechorin has not yet arrived. Maksim Maksimych anticipated that Pechorin would come immediately to see him, so he is somewhat put off.

The next morning, Pechorin arrives, but Maksim Maksimych has gone to visit the Commandant.