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Lisa Graff

Absolutely Almost

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2014

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Chapters 51-75Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 51 Summary: “tetherball.”

Now that Albie is cool, he eats lunch with Darren and his friends and plays tetherball with them afterward. Darren and his friends discuss the Teen-rated video games they play; Albie doesn’t know or play any, as he is only allowed to play those with an E rating (“E” stands for “everyone,” meaning the game is suitable for children as young as six). Darren’s best friend, Sage, whom Albie doesn’t like very much, laughs at Albie when he says this. Meanwhile, Betsy now spends her lunchtime in the library.

Chapter 52 Summary: “helpful hints.”

Albie starts leaving notes for Betsy every morning with tips on being cool so that she can learn how and they can hang out again. However, Betsy doesn’t follow any of his suggestions.

Chapter 53 Summary: “second best.”

Darren suggests that Albie run for vice president in the class elections; it is the “second best” job, the best being president, which Darren says he himself will be. Albie is initially confused about how Darren is so sure he will win, but he quickly realizes “the right thing to say” (167) is that Darren would be a “good president.” Darren assures Albie that he will ensure no one else runs for vice president so that Darren and Albie can be in charge together.