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Deepti Kapoor

Age of Vice

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2023

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The Link Between Gangsters, Capitalists, and Politicians

In the world of the novel, there are amorphous boundaries between gangsters, goons, capitalists, and politicians. For example, Dean Saldanha’s explosive exposé, “Hiding in Plain Sight” (314), illuminates the nexus between the Singhs, a major political family, and the Wadias, capitalists who are also gangsters. Dean’s editor kills the story before Dean has even shared it, a meta commentary on this powerful and omnipresent nexus. Control of the Wadias and the Singhs extends to even inside Dean’s personal computer, which has been hacked. This illustrates the symbiotic link between gangsters, capitalists, and politicians. Not only do these three entities monopolize power and wealth—but they are also amorphous, often transmuting into each other.

The link between politicians, mafia, and capitalists is obvious to anyone who pays attention. However, most people close their eyes to it because it is either too dangerous to study (as it becomes for Neda and Dean) or too inconvenient (for people like Sunny). Hence the exposé’s title, “Hiding in Plain Sight.” Dean’s report shows that the Wadias and the Singhs have a complete monopoly over the trade and institutions of Uttar Pradesh. As Neda notes, their arrangement is “fiendish in its simplicity” (315). Bunty Wadia’s money and goons keep Ram Singh, the chief minister of UP, in power.