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Lewis Carroll

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 1865

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Character Analysis


Alice is the story’s protagonist. Though her age is not specified, her accepted age is seven years old based on the age of seven and a half she gives in the sequel, Through the Looking Glass, which takes place shortly after the events of this story. Tenniel’s illustrations depict her as having slightly wavy hair that falls past her shoulders and wearing a dress with short, puffy sleeves under a pinafore with Mary Jane shoes. Most color drawings depict her as Caucasian with blond hair, a white pinafore, a light blue dress, and black shoes.

Curiosity, youth, and boldness define Alice’s personality. Despite the unfamiliar and at times frightening circumstances, she manages to successfully navigate each challenge. She does not let the strange characters she meets intimidate her, even when they act erratically or challenge her sanity. She speaks her mind when they act rudely or when she has a difference of opinion. She often wishes her cat Dinah were there to help her deal with the quarrelsome animals.

Alice’s journey through Wonderland makes her doubt her identity. Her growing and shrinking height and her inability to correctly recite her school verses and perform simple arithmetic make her wonder who she is.